10 Tips for you to use Force Touch on Apple Watch!

10 Tips for you to use Force Touch on Apple Watch!

Learn how to better use the Force Touch on Apple Watch when you get a new Apple Watch.

Referring to Apple Watch Series 2, your first thought might be the Force Touch. As a new way of interacting, I believe that many users are difficult to adapt to its operation because its hidden operation is too easy to be ignored.

With the new Force Touch, its operation just like the right mouse button on the computer. When you press hard on the Apple Watch screen, a Gaussian blur will appear on the screen, and then presents several additional function options. These options ensure that the Apple Watch small interactive interface can remain simple while still carrying more features.

Here are some tips for you to operate the Force touch on Apple Watch.

1. Change the stopwatch mode.

Pressing on the stopwatch application page, which allows you to choose between analog, digital, graphic, and mixed mode styles.

2. Change the dial style

On the watch dial display page, force your current watch dial to switch to a different dial style. You can use your finger to slide left or right to view one by one and customize the part of the dial interface color.

3. Write new message

Press hard on the Conversation List page of the message application, to call out the "New message" option, allowing you to start sending a new message immediately.

By the way, when you connect the Apple watch to the iPhone, Apple Watch will create a local backup storage space among the former, the purpose for later iphone data recovery, so you needn’t worry that you will lose the message.

4. Send the geographic location

Use your finger to press "Reply" to a message, or to view the details of the conversation, and to quickly "send location" to the other party in the message details page of the messaging application.

5. Search for a map

Press your finger firmly in the Maps application, to bring up the map search options and the address book search options.

6. Change the music source

Press hard on the music application page, and you have the option to switch your music source from iPhone to Apple Watch (the watch contains 2GB of free space for storing music), and you can also jump to the Now Playing controls.

Listen to music on iWatch without iPhone.

7. Change the dynamic Emoji color

When you are in the Send Emoji page, press the screen hard to turn the color.

8. Change the active goal

Press hard in the Activity application page, then you can customize the daily activities which need to adjust the calories consumed goals.

9. Clear all notifications with one click

Swipe down the dial interface to view the notification center, in the list of pages with a finger press, you can pop up the "clear all" notification option, a key to clean up all the notification push.

10. Mark the mail

Press hard on the message details page of your mail application. You can add a flag to your message, mark it as unread, and drop it into the Trash. Besides, if you delete the email on the watch accidentally, you may find the mail through iCloud on your phone or refer The Phone Recovery Expert to recover your deleted items.

Learn the above small tips, so when you get the new apple watch, you can try it!