32GB VS 128GB? Which iPhone 7 Storage Capacity Should You Buy?

32GB VS 128GB? Which iPhone 7 Storage Capacity Should You Buy?

Your phone space is not enough? I think it’s very difficult for the users to choose the iPhone7 version. But now, I will give you some suggestions which versions should you choose.

When the starting capacity of Android smartphone soared to 32GB or even 64GB, the iPhone's 16GB capacity version is still constant for many years. And Apple may finally figure out this year, iPhone 7's initial capacity has upgraded to 32GB. Do you think this is a good news for the users?

As a 64GB iPhone 6s users, although I often manage the data and files in the phone, the phones currently only have 12GB of free space. So, if you plan to purchase new iPhone, you need to think about your own use needs.

The capacity version of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus includes 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. If you choose the 128GB version, you might cost $100 more than the 32GB version. Compared with the iPhone 6s, this is actually not a loss: more than 100 US dollars can get more than almost 100GB of space this year.

Of course, the new iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus will also not support microSD expansion, you can choose to use an external flash memory, or transfer data from your iPhone to the computer for backup through iPhone to PC transfer. But if your purchased version is 128GB or 256GB, then you do not have to consider this issue, and even this capacity version of the iPhone can also be a temporary storage tool.

Although Apple will provide free 5GB iCloud space to the users, if your device has enough storage space, then you do not need to synchronize the files and other content to the iCloud and delete the device’s file to free up more space. Therefore, you can remove these troublesome operations.

Otherwise, there are lots of challenges of the capacity of the device while improving the device performance, such as the elevation of camera pixel, 4K video capture, high-resolution movies, and video, etc. If your device space is 128GB or 256GB, you will not need to worry about the limited space when you want to download several movies to see several games, to prepare for the boring time.

In today's Internet era, it is recommended that you should choose a larger capacity, so you do not need to consider about the space.