3D Touch, Let You Put Your Hand Into The Screen!

3D Touch, Let You Put Your Hand Into The Screen!

In this post, we would like to show you some information about how to use 3D touch well for the iphone6s and iphone7.

Do you know what is 3D touch? If you use iphone6s or iphone6 plus just for its 12million pixel or rose gold appearance, you are outdated. Because of the forthcoming iPhone7, 3D touch function can only be more and more significant, more and more powerful.

If you don't know the usefulness of 3D touch, follow me,I will show you its enhanced function.

1.Live Photo.

There are two types of function lock, one is the static wallpaper, another is the live photo, you just need to press the screen so that the lock screens picture can immediately begin to move.

2. Switch the background quickly!

Don't be silly press the Home buttons exhaled background, also needn't set the desktop small white circles, use the coolest fashion way - single hand operation modes. Press the edge of the screen, no matter in the desktop or in the App can switch the background!

3.See the menu bar quickly!

Press the camera icon for a few time, you can see four menu bar, and the other is the same.

4.Delete your photos quickly!

Does it feel like a photo of a share and delete, very troublesome. It doesn't matter, in the photo album to press for preview; pull up can be shared; select one picture, right can be selected to delete. Besides, if you delete your picture which you don’t have backup, you can also recover them through iphone photo recovery software.

5.Back to home quickly!

Press map symbol can achieve navigation near home, location, sent it and search.


That’s right, the same as Samsung, apple memo also can draw now.

7. The MacBook touch panel

Typing on the keyboard is too small? Don't worry, to press the keyboard, quickly put the keyboard into a touch pad.

8.3D touch sensitivity, and of course you can close it also.

Have you ever found its powerful functions now? I believe that the upcoming iPhone7 will have more applications on the adapter, and the using scene also will be more and more rich.

Let us look forward to, how the 3D touch can grow.