Share 5 Experience of Snapchat for you!

Share 5 Experience of Snapchat for you!

A popular chat software, Snapchat allows you to chat or share your emotion on this platform. In this post, there are five essential using experiences for snapchat users, like effects, privacy, express

Snapchat is a popular chat software for young people around the world, which allows us to take a unique style picture and share the picture with other.

General speaking, snapchat is a platform where you can immediately share with friends where you are and what you are doing. Moreover, you can see the Snapchatters around the world who celebrating the festivals while experiencing different cultural styles.

Compared to the other chat apps, its focus on quickly chatting or sharing pictures with friends, you are also able to draw in the picture. (See also: How to get snapchat filters?)

Therefore, I would like to share you some daily experience.

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1. No throwback

Here is a camera interface when you open the app, long press the shutter button to record a small video, so in the Snapchat world, you will be easier than Facebook or Instagram to share our own life. Besides, it will remind you to share everytime you open the app.

In addition, Snapchat is instantly shared, it is not throwback, so you cannot find photos from the album. The benefits of real-time sharing are real enough, WYSIWYG.

2. A variety of effects

Snapchat provides us a lot of effects for the picture, so you can add some special effects to your picture to make your picture more distinctive.

3. Express with Emoji, photo or video

Many times, you only need to write a word, do not even write, directly share pictures or videos, then add some graffiti, emoji to make your pictures more dynamic.

See the video of how to create a emoji filter.

4. Completely open system

The traditional social media, like Facebook or Instagram. It just can only know through “likes” to check who already see your post, but in Snapchat, you can directly see who has seen your own things, who is concerned about you!

5. Privacy

Due to the “Burn After Reading” function, you do not need to worry about your content being compromised. Even though you share the content to the story, it will also disappearance after 24 hours. It creates a social scene that very reassuring, very safe, very privacy protection, so people can enjoy all their own in this area.

However, it is an essential setting for Snapchat users to protect their privacy. Here, we can enjoy the era of Internet, and make friends with people from different cultures. Let’s make the use of this practical app to enrich our life.

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