5 Features Make Word Flow to Be Worthy of Installing on Your iPhone

5 Features Make Word Flow to Be Worthy of Installing on Your iPhone

The article talks about 5 features of Microsoft Word Flow

Are you tired of the default iPhone keyboard, and want to try the much smarter one? Then Microsoft’s iOS keyboard-Word Flow is the one you are looking for. Why? Below are 5 reasons for you.

1.One-handed Mode

Most of the time, we just have one hand to handle our phone.So the people tend to develop this habbit and to type comfortably with one hand become more important. Word Flow is the keyboard which can achieve this. With the arc icons, the keyboard can be arced by dragging it to the upper corner. It would also be easy if you use two hands.

2.Images, GIFs and Emojis

When typing a text, we tend to insert the images, GIFs and emojis to make it more plentiful.
Word Flow has a search box at the top of the keyboard. If you swipe left, it will be   revealed and you can use it to search contents you prefer.

3.GIFs Library

Word Flow enables you to use GIFs in the text even though you haven’t switched app or keyboard. Just browse the categories you want and choose you preferred GIFs. You also
can share your perfect GIFs with your friends by using this method. With iPhone Transfer, you can do the photos transfer as well.

4.Work with 3D Touch

Word Flow keyboard also works with 3D Touch, you can have your 3D Touch gesture misread when entering the text mistakenly.

5.Choose Your Favorite Theme to Your Keyboard

Do you want to have the special background when making a text? Word Flow allows you to do it. No more boring white background.

Are these above 5 features help you to make a decision of installing the Word Flow Keyboard? If so, go ahead and have one.