6 Features You May Not Know in iOS10

6 Features You May Not Know in iOS10

This article will show you 6 features which you may not know in Apple iOS10

After talking about the Home app, Music app, Photos app etc. which are most commonly to see used in iOS10. Now, just turn to some hidden features in iOS10, and hope that you can use your iPhone/iPad better with this iPhone tips.

1.Send smaller photos for saving data

Firstly, you should open the Settings in your iPhone/iPad, and go to Messages, then you need to scroll to the bottom of that page. Find the “Low-Quality Image Mode” to enable. The feature is very convenient when using the limited data plan. You can also save your data by using iPhone Data Recovery.

2.Manage Music Storage Automatically

In iOS10, if you want to save space, you can use Manage Music Storage, which can automatically manage your downloaded music. Tap Setting>go to Music>then click download.
Albums and songs which stored on you iPhone/iPad can be managed by yourself in the section of “Downloaded Music”.

3. Share and Work on Notes

One of the new features of iOS10 can help you share the notes between your workmates on Apple Notes App. In order to do this, you should firstly open the note, and scroll to the top of your screen to click the share button, then select and send your content, at last tap on send.

4.Music and Pictures

In iOS10, now the music can be still playing when opening your camera app on your device. Keep on listening to your best like music when tapping the pictures you select. Except for taking talking live video or picture will stop the music, this is another improvement for iOS10.
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