6 New iOS 10 Features Worth the Upgrade

6 New iOS 10 Features Worth the Upgrade

What are 6 new features of iOS 10 system?

The headphone jack won’t be found on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, but the latest iOS 10 can be found. iOS, the latest and greatest version of Apple's mobile operating system, has arrived with iPhone 7. The features of iOS are wireless connectivity, a Taptic Engine borrowed from the Apple Watch, ability to prevent sand and water damage, and two new phone color of stylish black. This useful features will refresh your iPhone or iPad. But if you still not sure whether to upgrade, here are 5 features we collect for your reference.

1. Quick camera launch

It will be quicker to launch the camera app from your lockscreen of your devices in latest iOS 10. You only need to swipe left from the main page and then capture that candid shot.

2. 3D-touch Control Center

You can’t customize the control center by now, but you will have more easy ways to chose from on this screen. With a 3D-touch, you can pull up a new list of options without leaving the page. If you handle the device by a mistake, iPhone data software will help you to recover data.

3.Voice mail transcription

If you miss a call from someone, you don’t need to listen to the voice mail. Because iOS 10 will help you with a full transcription of the message from your Voicemail tab in the phone app.

4.Live links in messages

With iOS system, you can preview a link without leaving the chat window in your Messages app. Just Paste the URL in the chat bubble and send.

5.Wonderful Lyrics

Do you want to belt out your idol Taylor Swift’s song right from the app? Apple music will help you with three simple steps, start playing the song; click on the song bar at the bottom(maximize); scroll down until see the lyrics. But you should know not all songs contain this option.

6.Use Siri with third-party apps

Hands-free Siri is very convenient when using it for sending messages, placing calls etc. It is much more useful in iOS10, that is, it can control not only Apple’s own apps, but also third-party like WhatsApp.

After seeing above 6 attractive new features, do you want to use the iOS system? And you don’t need to worry about losing the data when upgrading. Because iOS Recovery will help you recover it.