8 Things You Don’t Know Your iPhone Can Do

8 Things You Don’t Know Your iPhone Can Do

The essay tells the readers 8 tips of iPhone.

We use our phone everyday. But do you know the below iPhone tips which provide you a better user experience. Let’s see and try.

1. Do you want to charge your phone battery faster? You can have a try for turning the phone on airplane mode while charging. Because this act can help your phone make the software inactive, and take a break from searching for a mobile phone signal.

2. Make a mistake while typing or editing a text? It doesn’t matter. A little share in your phone will help you. Just choose the undo option if you want and the things solved. Good job!

3.Want to begin a new sentence quickly? Try to double-tap the spacebar, it will help you to add a period and space. When we are doing some writing, this tip is very convenience.

4. To tap both the home button down and the on/off button at the top at the same time could help you take a screen shot for photos. This tip also works on your iPad.

5. If you need to listen to music before going to sleep, and you don’t want your phone to sing overnight, try to set a timer so it can turn off on time.
Tap your Clock app, and turn to the Timer button in the lower right, then set the timer how long you want your music to keep on playing. Next, tap “When Timer Ends,” and scroll down to the bottom. Choose “Stop Playing.” Then enjoy your music and have a nice sleep.

6. Use the volume up or volume down buttons to take a photo, as long as the camera app is open. If you need to take some selfie and your hand is busy doing some post, then this tip will help you. Just hold the volume up or volume down buttons, then you will finish your selfie.

7.Do you want to give your eyes a break when getting the text from others? Or you want to make your friends or family member laugh? Why not try to use speak selection on iPhone and iPad to read text out loud. Also, there are voice options for you to choose, such as Australian, British, Spanish accents, etc.. Also you can use Emoji to your message, and ask your iPhone to read loud.
There are simple steps for you to follow. Open the setting app Scroll down, choose general tap accessibility turn to speak selection.

8.iPhone data recovery
What if you lose your data by mistake when handling handset. What can you do to deal with this issue? Don’t worry, software iPhone data recovery will help you to recover the data with several simple steps.