A Closer Look at Apples A10 Fusion for iPhone 7, Why Is It So Special?

A Closer Look at Apples A10 Fusion for iPhone 7, Why Is It So Special?

Apple has released the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus with A10 Fusion, which can bring us a lot of different experience in operation. If you are interested in it, you can learn more from this article.

A10 Fusion is the first quad-core processor of Apple. Apple made a regular upgrade for the iPhone 7/7 Plus, A10 still in the top-level processor, the performance increase is exciting enough.

In previous years of the iPhone processor update, the performance improvement rate of different versions is higher than this year. But on the basis of the A9 which has a very strong performance, Apple also can upgrade more than 20% in its performance, this is indeed a good result.

In addition to improving CPU performance, Apple also attaches great importance to the graphics performance of the device upgrade, and the graphics performance improvement is often greater than the magnitude of the CPU.

Obviously, compared to the graphics subsystem, A9 Apple graphics chip made a major adjustment on the design. So, do you know what kind of adjustment Apple does in this new chip of the graphics processor.

A S-Gamut LCD screen

Excellent graphics processing performance allows users to experience better on the screen. A10 Fusion processor contains a six-core graphics chip, the performance upgrade 50% than the A9 processor, so the player will have a more funny experience when playing the game.

16 nm FinFET process

It uses the same 16nm FinFET process with the A9 in A10 Fusion, and the industry thinks that the next generation of A11 processor will use 10-nanometer process technology. Although the process consistent with the A9 processor, A10 processor is still brought to the performance improvement and better life of iPhone7.

Metal Graphics Processing Technology

Based on the powerful hardware, iOS10 uses “Metal” graphics processing technology to improve the parallelism of the central processor and graphics processor, reduce the CPU overhead and optimize the GPU performance.

Whether browsing the web, switching between different apps, or playing complex 3D games, the device's graphics and response speed are fast and smooth. Moreover, it also can help us to transfer files to iPhone from PC or transfer files to the computer from iPhone, we needn’t worry about some unnecessary mistakes when transferring.

Powerful A10 graphics performance brings us the different experience, quickly get started to try it!