A New Patent From Apple: Not Bursting Batteries

A New Patent From Apple: Not Bursting Batteries

Because of the event of Samsung batteries explosion, Apple apply for a new patent to fix the battery problems. From the article, you can know how to improve the batteries quality and design a new tech

The quality of batteries, which is related to our personal safety. After all, we are in the use of mobile phones most of the time. Currently, Samsung was involved in a massive Galaxy Note 7 event that was caused by a faulty battery design. As we know, even is a small design error, it also can lead to a deadly explosion.

In fact, Samsung is not the only battery explosion smartphone. Actually, we can see much other news of the exploring battery from the different brands in our daily life, but are there any solution to fix battery problems?

According to the Patently Apple, Apple submitted a patent shows that they will develop a new technology which can extend the battery life without risk of exploding. And the patent mentions that the innovations could benefit many devices such as iPhone, iPads, iPods, and Mac.

The patent mainly describes how to reduce the gap between the battery stack and the surface design, which differing from the traditional battery in the manufacturing. Besides, the reduction of the gap will help the battery to contend with the life cycle of swelling, thereby enhancing the battery performance and life extending, while protecting the device in which such a battery is installed.

1. By reducing the gap between the battery stack, Apple can also reduce the problem of battery expansion and other appearances, so it can improve the battery performance, durability, and overall life, while the risk of battery explosion will be reduced to a minimum.

2. With the new shell technology, the battery can be designed in accordance with the requirements of the internal shape of the device, its appearance also doesn’t need to constrain by the traditional. Even if a short circuit inside the battery, a solid shell also can prevent the occurrence of an explosion. And for the users, we also need to pay attention to the charging problem.

In shorts, the better design and quality of battery can reduce the probability of the phone abnormal shutdown, so we don’t need to worry about the loss of the data. But just in case of this situation, we need to back up our phone data frequently through iTunes, iCloud for later iphone data recovery.

That said, as the mobile devices become smaller and the processing performance becomes stronger, there is a higher demand for battery capacity, but it is desirable to reduce the overall size of the device. Therefore, how to make the battery meet the needs of the device has become a huge challenge.