New Features on MacOS Sierra – Apple Music

New Features on MacOS Sierra – Apple Music

Apple Music has undergone a major update in macOS Sierra-new Apple Music, which has become more friendly, especially the redesigned interface and functionality. Apple Music will allow you to search an

Apple held 2016 WWDC Developer Conference in San Francisco on June 14, 2016. It announced the news that changed OSX system of the Mac to the macOS in the General Assembly, the latest version is macOS Sierra. From the Sierra system, we will usher in a new name. (To learn more about 2016 MacBook)

In fact, Apple's official website has repeatedly "hinted" renamed will come in the Mac system, which has not officially announced yet before the change. And the initial exposure of the Apple website "MacOS" different, the new system will use the first letter "m" in the lowercase form: macOS, with the other three systems (tvOS, iOS and watchOS) to maintain consistency, but also more Logical. Moreover, it also brings us a lot of new features, like Apple Music. (Know more details about Apple Music on iPhone)

As we know, in the macOS Sierra, Apple Music also received a similar update with the iOS 10 Apple Music, a new design to listen to music, and music exploration and other experiences are better than usual. Your entire music collection and a huge Apple Music library are at your fingertips. Besides, the senior musicians will be based on your preferences continue to find new songs for you and new musicians. And there are a lot of albums, videos, and events that will start here.

My New Music Mix

This feature was originally called "Discovery Mix", but Apple has now changed its name to My New Music Mix. It allows the system to recommend new songs to users based on previously played music.

In the "Recommended for You" section of the music app, My New Music Mix will offer 25 songs a week, based on user preferences. According to the global marketing director of Apple Music. This feature allows users to Apple Music to discover the huge music library to the new singer and music.

My Favorites Mix

In addition to My New Music Mix, Apple also introduced a matching song playlists. And the songs that appear on this list appear to be related to previously played songs and related albums, and the My Favorites Mix song list is updated every Wednesday.

In addition to the Apple Music, Apple also released another new feature to use Apple Watch to unlock the Mac.

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