Apple Watch Series 2 Review - A More Perfect Device

Apple Watch Series 2 Review - A More Perfect Device

The article mainly introduce the new features for the apple watch series 2.

Expect the iPhone 7, Apple also launched a new apple watch-iWatch Series 2. Apple Watch is a smartwatch with a sapphire screen, two screen sizes. Support calls, voice, SMS, car connect, weather, flight information, navigation maps, music, heart rate measurement, pedometer and other dozens of functions. It is a full range of health and motion tracking devices.

The watch still needs to work with iPhone, so when you get started with your apple watch, you must be set up with your iPhone first. Apple gets through WatchKit Extension, to maintain the communication between the iPhone and the Apple Watch. In other words, Apple Watch is responsible for show only, and all calculations are done through iPhone.

Whether in the appearance or configuration, Apple Watch series 2 have some changes. Let's see together!

The body become thicker.

There is a visible increase for series2, probably a little more than 1mm. But after wearing, you will not feel heavier.

Dual Microphone, it can identify speech more accurately.

Apple Watch Series 2 made some adjustments in the details, such as the left side of the case becomes a dual mic, allowing the watch in a noisy environment to identify the voice more accurately.

The faster speed of operation

Equipped with dual-core processors by the S2 chip, the CPU processing speed upgrades 50% than the previous generation, and the GPU also support the refresh rate of 60fps.


The waterproof deepest level- IPX8, it equivalent to 3 meters underwater that you can stay for 30 minutes. In addition to fuselage cracks and openings, using a waterproof coating, Apple also has been redesigned the large speaker for active drainage.

GPS function, make this device more independent to the mobile phones.

When you are walking or running outdoors to do some physical training, Apple Watch Series 2 will automatically activate the GPS function.

Recorded in the fitness app, you can see routes of outdoor sports. The roadmap will distinguish the speed by the color depth. Therefore, you do not have to carry the iPhone during the campaign.

By the way, when you transfer the contents to your new iPhone through iTunes, how can you do if the health and fitness data lost? – Please refer the iphone data recovery.

Besides, the popular games app- Pokemon Go will also add to the series 2.

In total, Apple Watch is really a good product, it can bring a lot of convenience in our daily life.