Upgrade watchOS3? Why Does Your Apple Watch Still Not Support to Unlock Mac?

Upgrade watchOS3? Why Does Your Apple Watch Still Not Support to Unlock Mac?

Do you know why does your Apple Watch already upgraded to the watch OS3, but still does not support to unlock the Mac? Read this article, you will know the reason and how to improve it.

As we know, Apple has already released its latest MacBook Pro one month ago, which coming with many new technologies. Moreover, Apple announced another new function that your Apple Watch can unlock the Mac if you updated to the WatchOS3, so many people excited for it. (More details about the new MacBook)

However, some express that their Apple Watch already upgraded to the watch OS3, and still cannot unlock the Mac. Why is it? The most important reason may be that your Mac is too old.

According to the description of Apple, you need to meet the four conditions if you want your Apple Watch can support to unlock the Mac.

1. Update your Apple Watch to watchOS3, and Update the MacOS to the MacOS Sierra.

2. You need to log in to the same Apple ID on your Mac and watch OS, and both will need to be authenticated.

For Mac, open the "System Preferences-iCloud-account details - security" to see whether to open “Two-factor Authentication”.

3. If you Mac version is before 2013, then you will not use Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.

4. Select "System Preferences - Security and Privacy - Security">"Allow Apple Watch to unlock Mac." on your Mac. Then you can use Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.

When all the above settings are completed, open the "System Preferences - Security and Privacy - Security", it will appear "Allow Apple to unlock Mac" option, if you always cannot display this option, your Mac may be too old, so it means that your Apple Watch does not support unlocking Mac.

Besides, if your Mac is the latest version which purchases after 2013, then this time you can use “Mac ID” or “Near Lock” to unlock the Mac. More details please refer: How to unlock the Mac with Apple Watch.

If you have met the above situation, you may check your Mac and Apple Watch, and then set up your iWatch with your Mac now! What's more, here is another tip for you - when we used the Mac, we always meet some problems that the system crash or other unknown factors especially when transferring, results in some data loss. So, if you also have the same situation, you can get the help of data recovery software for mac, to recover your lost data.

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