A New Feature on MacOS Sierra - Apple Watch Unlocks Mac

A New Feature on MacOS Sierra - Apple Watch Unlocks Mac

Have you updated to the latest version of MacBook and Apple Watch? Here is a guide for you to set up your Apple Watch to unlock your MacBook. Read on if you would like to obtain more details.

Nearly two or three months, Apple has released the new products of iPhone7 and Apple Watch Series 2, which attract much attention by many people around the world. Last week, Apple has announced another new product – Apple New MacBook Pro.

Followed by the update of its system, the new macOS Sierra 10.12.1. It brings a lot of new features, one of which is unlocked the Apple Watch. Besides, before doing that, you need to update the system to Watch OS3.

When you wear Apple Watch you can automatically log into your Mac, no need to enter a password. To answer a short call or walk away, you can come back and work immediately.

Next, let us learn together about how to operate this new feature.

Step1. Let the Apple Watch close to the Mac.

Step2. Then, you need to open the Mac and Apple Watch, associated Apple ID for two-factor authentication.

Step3. Go to System Preferences - Security & Privacy - General to turn on "Allow Apple Watch to unlock Mac", and we'll leave the two-step verification.

If you have not set up your iWatch with your Mac yet, hurry up to do it! Besides, here is another tip for you - when we used the Mac, we always meet some problems that the system crash or other unknown factors, results in some data loss. So, if you also have the same situation, you can get the help of iOS recovery software for mac, to recover your lost data.

Apple has always expected to build a better ecosystem platform, whether it is iOS, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3, or tvOS, they are a member of this ecosystem platform, and Apple has been hoping to strengthen the equipment between the Linkage.