Application Programming: Why The iOS10 Can Run Smoother On iPhone?

Application Programming: Why The iOS10 Can Run Smoother On iPhone?

iOS10 system comes with many new features, and there is a hidden feature about its Application

You only know the new features of iOS10, but do you know how Apple can make iOS run fine? In fact, we have to focus on a large number of changes in iOS, such as iMessage, Siri and other important features. Of course, there are some hidden things which are worthy of our exploration, especially the changes that the application can run faster and smoother in the new system.

At a word, the new API(Application Programming Interface) will be able to ahead of a little bit to load slightly what you will see, rather than when you do the rolling operation, the content began to load. rather than beginning to load when you the rolling operation?

"Data prefetch", and can reverse work.

Many applications have a large number of "blocks", or data sets. Previously when you quickly paddled down the application page, you might notice that the application would have stuck while trying to keep up with your actions.

This phenomenon will make the performance of the application seems to be worse than it should be. That is, the application has to enter the screen area after the content began to load, even if the loading speed is only between the milliseconds, you will also notice the obvious stuck. By the way, it is noteworthy that you should back up data frequently for later iPhone data recovery.

In iOS10, Apple will let those "blocks" loading in advance when you scroll the load operation, to ensure that the content has been loaded into the screen when finished, and the performance impact and loading time are not noticed.

Changes the way of the application accesses the data

The new API continues to access the data asynchronously. Although Apple would like to use this new design for Core Data, it also applies to any solution which adopted by the developer.

Meanwhile, the new API loads the data in the background, so this does not affect the main thread. It also adapts itself to the performance of scrolling-based operations, so the data loading can keep up with the actions of the "blocks".

Application of single row design

“Stuck” appears when you scroll content quickly. And if there are multiple rows of content applications, it will be like a domino, load those “blocks” from left to right.

As a result, applications with more complex content can achieve comparable performance to simple applications, without requiring developers to perform additional updates. All the changes in the back-end of API have been completed.

Such a good new program in iOS10, not only make Apple's application suddenly faster, but also allows users to feel that they become better.