Are You Ready for Apples Futuristic Wireless Headphones?

Are You Ready for Apples Futuristic Wireless Headphones?

The airpods of iphone 7

Talking about headphone, what image will come into your mind? The below one? Most of us may meet this situation when using the headphone.

But now, Apple is the first cellphone maker who solved this problem. Look at the below super futuristic-looking wireless headphone. No matter whether you have come up with this a solution before, Apple shows off this new design headphone to fit the no headphone jack of iPhone 7. By using this wireless headphone, you don’t need to have the problem of twisting the wire.

How to work
Open the charging cradle>reveal the AirPods of iPhone; your device presents a “Connect” button; tap it and you’re all set.

AirPods not only can be used for listening to music, but also you can take phone calls. If someone calls on your iPhone while your AirPods are in your ear, the call will automatically re-route to the AirPods.
AirPods have accelerometers that can sense that you're talking and filter out background noise. Microphones at the bottom of each AirPod can pick up your voice, which works for both phone calls and using Siri.
Each AirPod gets only about 5 hours of battery life, but the cute charging cradle can help to extend the power usage with another 24 hours.
Although the twist wire problem has been solved, the new issue comes.
You will face the issue of headphone’s gone. This headphone seems to be dropped easily without wire. Also easily to be stolen when you are walking on the street. Once one of them dropped or stolen, you need to buy a new pair.