The Best Solution to Back up iPhone or iPad Data to PC/Mac?

The Best Solution to Back up iPhone or iPad Data to PC/Mac?

Are you looking for the options on how to backup iPhone data or iPad data to PC/Mac easily? Read this article and get the best solutions to backup iPhone data or iPad data to PC/Mac.

How do i backup my iphone to my computer? iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices are most valuable because they store our precious data, contacts, messages, photos, videos, and other important content. Thus, it become very essential to backup iphone to computer. In case of your devices was stolen, lost, damaged and other such conditions, you can through the backup files to restore data.

Moreover, if you need to upgrade the iOS system to the latest one, you can quickly restore the content from backup files. Therefore, it can be concluded that backup iPhone data or iPad data to Mac/PC is very important. The best solutions on how to backup iPhone/iPad data to PC/Mac are listed below with a good phone manager, iPhone Transfer provides you an essential way to backup and restore iPhoneand you may know how to backup iPhone without itunesat the same time.

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Free download the program below to have a go!

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Tutorials: How to Back up iPhone, iPad Data to PC/Mac -

Part 1. Backup iphone to pc (iPad, iPod)

Part 2. Back up iPhone to Mac (iPad, iPod)

Part 1. Backup iphone to pc (iPad, iPod)

Step 1. Run the program on your computer

Download iPhone Transfer on your PC and connect your device to your computer through a USB cable. Then open the program window.

Step2. Backup iPhone to computer

a. Export/Backup media files

Click on the Music management window, and select the files you wish to export and then click on the export menu on the menu bar.

b. Export/Backup contacts, messages files

Click on contacts on the top column. Select your wanted contacts and click the button import/export. Then, choose a corresponding action from the list.

c. Export/Backup Photos or videos

Click on Photos on the top column and open an album. Proceed now to select all the photos you wish to export on you PC and then click on “Export” to transfer the photos to your computer.

Part2. Back up iPhone to Mac (iPad, iPod)

Step1. Run the program on your Mac.

Download, install and launch iPhone Transfer software (Mac) on your Mac. Connect your iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable.

Step2. Backup Files to your Mac

a. Backup Photos

On the main software interface, tap on “Backup Photos to Mac” option.

Then you will see a pop-up window, select the target folder on your Mac where you wish to back up the photos, and click Save.

The backup process will start and all the files will be transferred to the selected folder.

b. Backup Media Files

Click "Music" at the top menu, check the songs you want to backup to Mac on the left panel. Then click Export at the menu bar or right-click the selected songs to get it, select Export to Mac from the drop down list.

If you ever get stuck in a situation on how to backup iPhone data or iPad data to PC or Mac, consider the above tutorial, you will get the best solution about how to backup iPhone to computer. Besides, it also allows you to backup iphone to itunes in one click.

On the other hand, if your devices can't start up due to some damage under the condition of not backup, what should you do to get your data back? In this case, you may check on iPhone Data Recovery to directly scan your damaged devices to get the complete data.

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