How to Backup iPhone with or without iTunes? Guide for iOS Backup & Restore

How to Backup iPhone with or without iTunes? Guide for iOS Backup & Restore

Want to do the iPhone data backup? This article will tell you how to backup iPhone data in 3 ways with or without iTunes.

For iOS users, we are usually used to backup our iPhone Data via iTunes or iCloud. The importance of backing up in advance so as to be safe from some issues, which might seem minor, but are not really minor, is very important.

However, sometimes you may lose or miss some important data due to some inevitable errors. For example, there is a high probability that you will never be able to get all of your data back like contacts, messages, photos etc. when you lose your phone without backing up.

In fact, it is possible to avoid this situation by just backing up iPhone data regularly. There are many effective ways to backup iPhone at ease, you can follow the simple step one by one below.(with the last method being the easiest)

Method1. Backing up iPhone without iTunes

Method2. Backing Up from Your iPhone with iCloud

Method3. Backing Up iPhone with iTunes

Method1. Backing up iPhone without iTunes

Toolkit - iOS Data Backup & Restore allows you to selectively backup iPhone data without iTunes. If you have been looking for an opportunity to discard some irrelevant data, here is it.

Download WinDownload Mac

Step1. Download iOS Data Recovery on your computer

Install iOS Data Recovery on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer, then select "iOS Data Backup & Restore" from the tools.

Step2. Selective Backup Data.

Choose the data you need to back and click "Backup" to download the data like iMessages, Facebook Messages, photos, messages etc.

Step 3. Check What's in your BackupAfter the backup process finished, now you can view all the files, sorted by types, in backup. You can choose whatever you want, single or more, to export to computer. Also, you can print out the files if you need.

How to Put Data Back on iPhone from Backup

Step 1. Check your previous backup on computer

Run iOS Data Backup & Restore on PC or Mac, and connect iPhone, iPad, iPod to computer, and then click To view the previous backup file>> so that you can see your backup list on computer.

And now you can see the backup list in the past. Just choose one and click View to check what’s in the backup file.

Step 2. View the backup file and Put data back to iPhone

This process will cost a few seconds to analyze and show you the contents of this backup. All data will be displayed in category.

Check and select the files that you need, and then restore them to your iOS device by clicking Restore to Device

If you need to save them on PC, you should click Export to PC.

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Download WinDownload Mac

That’s all, you may choose one from above method as you need.

Method2. Backing Up from Your iPhone with iCloud.

Step1. Choose iCloud backup.

Going to Settings > iCloud, then scroll down and tap on "Backup." At the bottom, you'll see the date of your last iCloud backup, as well as the option to "Back Up Now."

Step2. Backup iPhone Data.

It might take some to finish the backup process which depending on the quantity and size of the files you have on your device. Besides, you can also choose to cancel the backup at anytime.

Step3. Finish the backup process.

Once the process is finished, you will see you latest backup and the time it finished, which you should remember for whenever you have to restore it at a later time.

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Method3. Backing Up iPhone contacts with iTunes.

Step1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open the iTunes, then your phone will be automatically detected by iTunes.

Step2. Open the phone control panel by clicking on the phone under "Device", and Locate "Summary" and click on it.

Step3. Scroll down and click on "Back up now". It may take some time to back up and save data in your computer. Then you can find your iPhone backup location.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this method does not offer you selective backup. It will back up the entire content of your phone, so if you need a selective backup, iPhone Data Recovery is evidently the best solution for you to extract iPhone backup file.