Be Annoyed with These Apple Music Issues? Heres the Solution!

Be Annoyed with These Apple Music Issues? Heres the Solution!

Have you met the issues when using the Apple Music app? Here shows the solutions for you to solve.

Apple Music offers many great features for users. With these great features, users like to use it in their daily life. Nothing is perfect. Users also may meet Apple Music issues Sometimes you are annoyed with the issues of it. Here shows the solutions.

Turn off the automatic subscription renewal

If you are used to the version you have used for a period of time and don’t want any changes, you need to turn off the automatic subscription renewal.

1.Launch the Apple Music
2.Find the Account icon and tap it.
3.Turn to View Apple ID
4.Choose the Manage to tap
5.Select Your Membership
6.Find the Automatic Renewal toggle and turn off

Prevent automatic downloads

If you buy the music through iTunes on your computer, or via another device frequently. The automatic downloads via cellular may occur without your permit. Some music you don’t want may be downloaded. It is necessary to disable it. Then how?

1.Launch the Setting app
2.Tap the iTunes & App Stores
3.Under the Automatic Downloads, turn off the toggle.

Restore lost music library

If you save the large music library on one hard drive, but unluckily, it died. All your songs are in it, including the ones you ripped from your idol’s CD, or the songs not purchased from iTunes. With this issue, you can turn to the iPhone Data Recovery software for help.
You may also try the below tips to prevent songs from being deleting by Apple Music.

1.Backup music files with iOS transfer to the hard drive;
2.Ensure Apple know the computer with your music library is your primary device;
3.Uncheck Remove Download when delete tracks from iTunes;
4.This will delete the music files from your computer’s hard drive.

Have you got your issues solved through above tips? If you need to know more about Apple Music, read this article.