Behind Features on iPhone 7 Plus: Portrait mode

Behind Features on iPhone 7 Plus: Portrait mode

You may hear portrait mode when we are talking about the camera app of iPhone 7 Plus. Today, I will show you some knowledge and the usage about it, then you can know and use it well.

Have you got the new iPhone7 or iPhone7 Plus? Are you fascinated with the dual camera? But do you know Apple adds a portrait depth of camera function in iPhone7 Plus? I believe that you have heard but maybe you haven’t tried, right? Therefore, if you are also interested in, please follow me to learn about it!

First of all, what is portrait mode? In fact, portrait mode means that it can make the camera focus more prominently when taking pictures with the background image virtualized.

When we open the camera app, you will find on the right side of the camera to add a portrait mode, slide to the mode then you can start using.

In this interface, we can set up a timed camera shot. If the user is shooting too close from the target, then the system will prompt to pull the distance. After adjusting to the appropriate distance, the phone screen will appear a line of the yellow word-DEPTH EFFECT.

It has been found that this mode not only can take the task but also has effect for subject. Furthermore, the user will get two types of the picture, one is the photo without blur effect, the other is the photo with blur effect. The latter will have yellow tips in the photo, then users can also choose to retain only photographed photo. Besides, here are some iphone camera tricks for you to improve your photography skills.

In addition, the photos are the static images that we take. But when you want to change the picture to be dynamic, how should you do? In fact, we can convert the image to GIF format with the help of some tools, like ios transfer.

Notes: When taking pictures, keep the subject at a distance of not more than 8 feet, about 2.44meters.

Apple's Portrait mode is just the first computational method, and maybe we can use the iPhone as an input for motion capture 3D scanning of objects in the future.