Better to Buy Matte Black iPhone 7 Plus than the Jet Black One

Better to Buy Matte Black iPhone 7 Plus than the Jet Black One

iPhone 7 Plus has two new black color, jet black one and the matte black one. If you are struggling which one to buy. This article will help you to decide.

Jet black or matte black?

After Apple releases the iPhone 7 Plus, which provided with two black color. One is jet black for iPhone 7 Plus, the other is matte black. Both of them are gorgeous. Many people want to get a cool black one. But they are not sure which one it better and struggle to decide. Here I will show you my opinion about which one to choose.

The jet black is very shiny as a new color which added to iPhone 7. The matte black color is the mark of iPhone darker anodizing regression. Both are very attractive. Then which one to choose? I suggest the matte black one.

The reasons for not to choose the jet black color?

1.Fingerprint magnet&smudges
Jet black uses the material which will be easy to keep your fingerprint on it. You need to wipe it to keep a shiny condition. Also it may easily get smudges on the surface. Once you touch it, the phone seems like the smudges over it.

The jet black one is smoother than others colors. It may cause the phone to drop if you carried it carelessly. If it drops into the water, you can use iPhone Data Recovery to save your data.

3.Easy to show scratches
Actually, it is not because the material easy to be damaged, but the shiny surface is easy to show the scratches. How easily to get the scratches? Even though you haven’t dropped your phone to the floor. Just put it in your pocket, or in your laptop bag or other normal use about 1 week. You will find your jet black shiny phone get lots of little scratches on the surface. So you can image if you use it for two years, how many scratches will have on your phone.

For the above issue, Apple suggests users to use a case to prevent them. The case is a great protection. But it also covers the shiny feature of the jet black, which will prevent you to show off your cool appear of jet black one.

Why choose matte black iPhone 7 Plus?

The matte black one is much darker compared to the iPhone 6 and 6s’ space gray. But not as dark as the jet black one. When using the matte black one, you don’t need to worry about the scratches, fingerprints. Although the matte doesn’t look as shiny as the jet black one, it looks plain cool.

Hope above tips will help you make a decision when you are struggling between these two colors. If you need to know more about iPhone 7 Plus colors, read our other article and get more.