Come together with iOS 10 system: The New Apple Music

Come together with iOS 10 system: The New Apple Music

What are the changes of Apple Music in the iOS10 system iPhone 7

In WWDC 2016, Apple will release a new Apple Music, and integrate into the iOS 10 system. Meanwhile, Apple also plans to update all operating system Apple Music service. It is the main changes in the new version of Apple Music, which include restructuring and streamlining for the newly designed of the user interface, new features, and the current function.

iOS 10 Features - Apple Music (WWDC 2016)

At present, Apple Music has more than 13million users so what are the changes? Follow me to learn about it.

Featured the simple style.

The user interface will remove the current color and transparency effect, and adopt the white background and black contents. For example, the background picture of the album interface will not change based on the album cover. After removing the color album interface, the album covers photo will be "huge", which prevents the black and white interface and seems so rigid.

San Francisco Font.

Apple Music will adopt the San Francisco font as well as the bigger font of menus and tabs. Besides, Apple will continue to promote its own fonts, including updating the app, operating website and system.

3D touch and Music shared.

“All the ways you love music. All in one place.” –Apple Music (@AppleMusic) | Twitter

The new interface will more support the 3D touch previews and the ability to share the song. Apple Music will focus on "recommended for you" feature, it can recommend music, video, album, singer to the user. Furthermore, sometimes you want to share some music or video on your phone from your computer, iphone file transfer is more conveniently for you.

Integrate lyrics

In WWDC keynote representation, Apple expressed that Apple Music will add the lyric-supporting. But the lyric cannot scroll, just a text only.

In addition, the new Apple Music will remove the "new content" sections, and use the "Browse" instead.

The code name “Whitetail” in the iOS10. Apple music will be released with iPhone 7 together. Meanwhile, Apple Music will be updated to Mac systems by iTunes.