Coming the Era of iPhone 7: Real for These Rumors?

Coming the Era of iPhone 7: Real for These Rumors?

What will be different for the coming iphone7?The release date and price,and headphone jack

September is coming, are you excited? As we known, A new iPhone will be launch in this month, I think most of the people are all looking forward to it, especially for some fans who are keen on apple series.

According to “TIME” magazine, the most 50 influential technology products. The top one must be iPhone from apple company, even though the smartphone has already appeared for a long time, since 2007, the apple company has launched the first iPhone, there are not products can compare to compete with it.

With the issue of iphone6s, the attention of the people should go to the next generation - Apple iPhone 7, and all kinds of rumor also emerge in endlessly. So let us have a look at our expectations for this rumor.

Question 1.When does the iphone7 come out?iphone7 release data?

2012.09. Launched iphone5;
2013.09. Launched iphone5c and 5s;
2014.09. Launched iphone6 and 6plus;
2015.09. Launched iphone6s and 6s plus;
So according to that regulation, iphone7 will come to the market on September. And according to the reports that the phones will be available for purchase on Sept. 16.

Question 2.How much does the iphone7 cost?

The Apple company CEO - Tim cook, he was mentioned that the price of iphone7 is really expensive in an interview with India news channel, so he said that the price will be lower in some way.
So expected,after starting from 16gb to 32gb capacity, the price remains the same as iphone6,the iphone7 plus is the same.

Question 3.How many versions?

Iphone7 plus,5.5inch

Question 4.How about the body color?

The iphone7 will provide : dark blue, silver, gold, rose gold four color.

Question 5. Is it still has the headphone jack?

Apple will cancel the iPhone 3.5 mm standard headphone jack, and adopt the lightning jack.

Question 6. Is it really has a dual camera?

The new iPhone will feature two sensors that snap photographs simultaneously, according to Bloom berg.

Question 7. How about the system?

The iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus are likely to come with iOS10, which brings an improved version of iMessage, a new Siri that can interact with third-party services and a revamped Photos app among other new features. By the way, when you meet some difficulties in data transfer, you can refer to iOS transfer.

The other possible changes:

1. Cancel the physical home button, instead of 3d touch;
2. Screen stays the same but the fuselage size reducing (screen proportion increase), may be thinner;
3. Waterproof.

Of course, all sorts of rumor are not matched that day, when the iphone7 is launching.Heard that, are you very heart of it? Ready to fight, Buy Buy Buy!