iPhone 7 Issues: 6 Annoying Bugs You Should Know!

iPhone 7 Issues: 6 Annoying Bugs You Should Know!

There is a range of problems from iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus according to the iPhone users. And if you have the plan to purchase iPhone7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you may read it and you will know some informat

Since Apple released the iPhone 7 and iPhone7 Plus,all sorts of problems are exposed. There are many problems whether it is a hardware or software. As the first batch of iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus, it should be a lot of small bugs when we use it. If you are also interested in this topic, follow me to know.

1. Headphones Occasionally Malfunction

Another highlight of the iPhone 7 is the cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone jack, and it is replaced by the lightning headphone jack. Whether you like this design or not, it has become a reality. However, many users said that the official standard Lightning interface of EarPods when using, there is no response to the audio playback operation, so users will not be able to use the headset to complete the adjustment of the volume and access Siri or answer the phone and other operations.

2. The Phone Fever

In the performance of continuous improvement, except to improve process performance, the energy consumption is also in the upgrade. Therefore, compared with the iPhone6s which also updated to the iOS10 system, iPhone7 will appear “hot” phenomenon when using.

To prevent your phone overheating and lead to the abnormal shutdown, it is recommended that you have to develop a good habit of regular backup. And if you want a more convenient transfer or backup tool, you may use with the help of some iphone transfer software.

3. Yellowed Screen

When we set up the setting of iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 to the same state, that is, the maximum brightness, cooler color temperature, the iPhone 7 actually have a clear yellow interface. However, this may be the reason that Apple wants to adjust the screen to reduce the proportion of Blu-ray, allowing users to use comfortable.

4. Yellowed Images.

In shooting the same object, we can see the iPhone 7 Plus has a serious yellow problem. When moving to close-up shots after a long-range focus, the image should be yellow. but if normal photography is taking place, the image is normal. Besides, you can also try to use its other features, like portrait effect, maybe you will find some small problems.

5. Electricity

When using the phone, if you close to the phone, you will hear the current sound. It not only affects the usage but also allows users to worry about safety.

In fact, this biggest noise may be from the interference of electronic components, such as an op-amp, inductors, and other analog devices. These devices are widely used in mobile phones, including power management, camera circuits, microphone circuits and speaker circuits etc.

6. iOS 10

About iOS10, I believe that different people have different attitudes. Some people like its iMessage function, some people like the interface changes. Of course, some people think it is power consumption. In any case, it is actually one of the major changes of iPhone. But if you really don’t like this system, you can also try to downgrade-downgrade recovery mode. And don’t forget to backup data in advance for later iPhone Data Recovery.

In shorts, the first bath must have a lot of bugs, but I think that Apple will attempt to improve the problem and make it better.