How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone?

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone?

Completely remove ringtones from iPhone? In this Post, you will learn how to delete the custom ringtones in one click.

"Recently I created and added some custom ringtones to my iPhone, but now I think there were a few of them didn't sound good so I delete some items from my iPhone via iTunes. However, when I sync again, some ringtones are still on my iPhone which I already deleted before. And I can't see the "Tones" or "Music" when I operate in iTunes. So is there any suggestions about it?"

Generally, iTunes can help you to delete custom ringtone, you just need to click the bell icon and then right click the items that you want to erase. But sometimes, iTunes also have some mistakes that it can't delete the item completely, then some of them will remain on your devices.

Therefore, if you cannot delete ringtones from iTunes, another great solution that you can use in deleting ringtone is iOS Transfer. It is made to help Apple users manage data on iOS devices in an easy way, so you can select the unwanted tones and delete them in one click.

Just free download to have a try now and follow the steps below to remove unwanted ringtones in batches.

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Solution: Delete Ringtones from iPhone with iOS Transfer

Step 1. Start iOS Transfer and Connect iPhone.

Download and install the program on your computer, and connect iPhone to computer with the USB cable. The program will automatically detect your iPhone.

Step 2. Choose Music Category

You'll see several file categories at the top menu bar of the main interface. Choose Music category and you'll see your iPhone music files in the main interface.

Step3. Select Ringtones to Delete

Now check the ringtones you don't want and click the Delete button at the top middle of the main interface. You are also allowed to right-click the music file and choose Delete in the drop-down menu.

Step.4 Delete Ringtones

After clicking the Delete button or choosing the Delete option, you'll see a pop-up dialog asking you whether you want to delete the selected ringtones. Click Yes to start deleting ringtones from iPhone.

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In addition to iOS Transfer, here is another official way to delete ringtones from iPhone with iTunes for your reference.

Step 1. Open iTunes on your computer, on the top left corner of the iTunes window, click on Tones category. It will display all the ringtones you had added to your iTunes library.

Step 2. Select a ringtone or hold on “Ctrl” to select the ringtones you want to delete from your iPhone. Right-click on the selected ringtone to display a menu of commands. Click “Delete”.

Step 3. Click on iPhone icon and choose “Tones” under the “Devices”, then select the “Sync” option to sync iTunes to iPhone that will remove the deleted ringtones from your iPhone.

Note: When the users sync their iPhone with iTunes, they will find that the non-purchased items are deleted as well. Then iPhone users will have to manually import the files into their iPhone again. If the users want to delete ringtones from iPhone without losing other non-purchased items, the iOS transfer software will provide you much help.

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With iOS Transfer, you are also allowed to directly add ringtones to iPhone or backup ringtones to computer with iOS Transfer. Moreover, it also provides the user-friendly operate interface for us to manage all the files such as photos, contacts, music and more, you can have all these done via iOS Transfer.

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