Dont blind to charge your battery, do you have those error?

Dont blind to charge your battery, do you have those error?

the wrong method to charge your phone and how to correct it.

Nowadays, the mobile phone has already become our essential communication tools. Nearly each person has own one, and it is necessary for us to charge the phone. It seems even a trivial thing like this can be profound.So Do you know the right way to charge the phone? Which error do you have in charge? Let us discuss it together.

On the other hand, if you know those misunderstanding, then you can let your phone live longer, and also protect your data preferably. But if you loss your data accidentally, you can use iPhone restore software to recover them.

1.For the new battery, Is it necessary to repeat Several Times to activate your phone through full charge and discharge ?

Actually, that is the early statement for the battery of Ni-Cd and Ni-MH. But now the battery we are used, most of them are the Li-ion (lithium-ion battery)battery. Li-ion battery has it small figure but can store large energy, so it needn’t activate through a full charge and discharge when we use it for the first time because the initialization and test process of the battery is already finished when the battery manufacturer.

2.Reduce the charging times, can extend the battery life.?

If Li-ion battery store under the fully charged state for a long time, its capacity will obviously lose. Similarly, the capacity of Li-battery will lose faster when the temperature was higher.And this loss is irreversible, so the capacity will permanently smaller.

So in order to reduce the charging times to let the battery runs out deliberately, it can't extend the battery life, on the contrary, it may have a negative effect on the battery.

3.When you are called it will explode on charging condition.?

Unless there are quality problems, otherwise the battery will not be stuck to charge your phone for a long time and lead to exploding. Because Li-batteries generally have safety protection circuit and a variety of safety devices, ensure that when overcharged and short circuit automatically cut off the battery circuit.

However, for security reasons, try not to answer the phone when charging, because the charging of mobile phones, electromagnetic radiation will be relatively large.

4.When you charge the battery, you need run out the battery?

This really only applies to Ni-Cd batteries, but for the Li-battery, it is useless for now. When the Li-battery is in a lower battery, the loss must be larger than now, so if you charge it until your battery runs out, it will speed up the losses.

By the way, If there has some problem you're on your phone of the battery percentage, so you can try to let the battery run out and charge it.

5.Charging the battery overnight, it will damage the phone?

When the phone is fully charged but you don’t unplug it, the phone is powered directly by the power supply, thus it is conducive to extend battery life.

6.Needn't the phone restart or shutdown?

In fact, the phone also needs sleep or have a rest, the same as the human. So we suggest that the phone need to shutdown and restart once, it can extend the battery life.

Above misunderstanding, have you been taken in?If you that your method is not correct, quickly correct them and let you phone live longer and more secure.