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Downgrade iOS 11: How to Downgrade from iOS 11 Beta to iOS 10.3.2?

Downgrade iOS 11: How to Downgrade from iOS 11 Beta to iOS 10.3.2?

How to downgrade iOS 11 beta to iOS 10.3.2? If you are looking for a way to do it, then this article will show you a detailed way about how to downgrade iOS 11 Beta to iOS 10.3.2.

Although iOS 11 beta has many new features like the text, control center, apps store etc. People are liked to try the new thing, so they will download the iOS 11 beta through different ways. However, the iOS 11 betas still exist some potential bugs, so sometimes you have to downgrade it to the iOS 10.3.2 or a former version.

It's easy to downgrade iOS 11 beta to iOS 10, but the first thing you should do is to back up your device on your Mac or Windows PC. Now just follow the below steps to learn how to downgrade iOS.

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How to Restore iPhone from Backup after iOS Downgrade

Tips: Before Downgrade iOS 11 Beta

Before you downgrade the iOS 11 Beta to iOS 10.3.2, you should backup important data on your iPhone and iPad to computer. Because the iOS downgrading will erase all data on your device, so it is important that you have a backup. Besides, you are not allowed to restore a iOS 11 backup to your iPhone after you downgrade to iOS 10.3.2. Therefore, you better make a copy of important data like photos, contacts, video and other files on a computer or use this iOS Data Recovery toolkit - iOS Data Backup & Restore to backup your data with ease.

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Solution: How to downgrade from iOS 11 Beta to iOS 10.3.2?

Part 1. Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

Step 1. Turn Off your iPhone 7
Step 2. Press and hold down the On/Off button on the right side or top for 3-5 seconds.
Step 3. Swipe the slide to power off confirmation slider to the right.

Step 4. Press and hold down the volume down button on your iPhone 7, then plug your iPhone 7 into your Mac or Windows PC and make sure iTunes is running.
Step 5. Release the volume down button when you see the Connect to iTunes screen.
Step 6. Hold volume down, plug in, release volume down.

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Part 2. Downgrade to iOS 10.3.2 on your iPhone or iPad

Install iOS 10.3.2 IPSW file on your computer from this link, then download the right file for your iPhone/iPad.

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Step 1. On the iTunes popup, click Restore, Restore and Update to confirm. Click Next on the iOS 10.3.2 Software Updater, then click Agree to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Step 2. iTunes will start downloading iOS 10.3.2 (or whichever the latest version is).

Part 3. Restoring Your Archive from iPhone/iPad

Step 1. After iTunes finishes downloading iOS, it will be a clean copy without your information on it.

Step 2. On the device page in iTunes, you’ll see a Backups section. Click on Restore Backup, and choose the archived backup you made. Now, your iPhone or iPad will be restored to its pre-beta state.

In addition to iTunes, you can also use this third-party software called iOS Data Recovery Toolkit - iOS Data Backup & Restore to one-click backup or restore your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch data.

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