Few Minutes Bring You To Understand The Apples Homekit.

Few Minutes Bring You To Understand The Apples Homekit.

What are the changes in HomeKit in iOS10 system?

The most important highlight of the iPhone 7 is its HomeKit. With the new improvements for HomeKit in iOS10 devices, Apple wants to deliver.

A big theme is the solution of home automation - the smart home. The smart home is filled with the whole exhibition, intelligent light bulb, smart doors locks, environmental sensors, home security system and so on.

Apple’s HomeKit just enters the field precisely at the right time. In the control center ofiOS10,Apple adds the HomeKit exclusive panel. We can see that the smart home has gained more attention.

1.HomeKit app updates, mobile controls the smart home.

With the update of the HomeKit app, Apple launches the home app. It means that user can use the mobile phone to control smart home through this app. Such as viewing the camera in iPhone lock screens, managing lights, air conditioning, and even opening the door. Moreover, thanks to 3D Touch, you'll be able to pull up additional options and info for each device.

2.The most important characteristics - Siri.

Apple has already previewed a part of HomeKit’s characteristics in the conference, but one of the most popular issues is the integration of Siri. That is a HomeKit characteristic indeed as well as the unable-copy function for the third-party application. For example, the user can order the Siri to “turn off the bedroom light”.

3.Simplify the Installation and configuration process.

In the connecting condition of WiFi And Bluetooth, HomeKit can quickly find the third party accessories, so the user doesn’t need a complex installation program, and also not need the traditional manual connection and pairing device. In a way, it also can reduce your device storage so that you can transfer files to iPhone more conveniently.

4.Background work.

HomeKit works in the background most of the time. However, HomeKit can make the user quickly control the smart home on the function of running in the background. Such as Siri, iOS location and so on.

5.Control with your location.

Due tothe new geofencing support, you'll also be able to control your devices with your location. With geofencing, you can trigger devices whenever the iPhone in your pocket enters or exits a predetermined area. For instance, you could set the AC and lights off whenever you leave for work.

6.Focus on security.

In iOS10 and HomeKit, Apple will make a change in this aspect. And the most important things are that they introduce the authentication process, and complete the compatibility and security for all accesses devices.

See everything Apple announced at its Apple WWDC 2016 HomeKit.

In the near future, you can use your iPhone to control and manage it in the control center. Do you think it is great?