Error 3014? How to Fix When Encountering in DFU Mode?

Error 3014? How to Fix When Encountering in DFU Mode?

What should we do when encountering the error 3014 in DFU mode? You may get the solution in this article.

iTunes does not recognize normally? Downgrade jailbreak unsuccessfully? Our phone often can not be normal boot or no response due to these reasons, then we have to enter our iPhone to the DFU mode to solve this problem. For example, if you have downgraded the iPhone firmware, if you get an error (1) or an error (6), you need to put your iPhone into DFU mode to fully downgrade when you restore or downgrade the firmware.

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However, when the iPhone get into the DFU mode, it occasionally appears "3014" this kind of error code. So, what should we do when we encounter this error code?

In fact, this type of error code in DFU mode is caused by a network error code. It usually due to a failure to connect to the Apple server. And this error code associated with the host's file, we can resolve this problem by modifying the file.

Part 1. Fix iTunes Error 3014 When Restoring iPhone

Part 2.Fix iTunes Error 3014 with No Data Loss

Part 1. Fix iTunes Error 3014 When Restoring iPhone

Step1. In the Finder, choose Applications > Utilities.

Step2. Open "Terminal". Enter the command "sudo nano / private / etc / hosts" and press “Return”.

Step3. Enter the password to log in to your computer, and then press “Return”. When you enter the password, you do not see any text displayed in the Terminal window. And make sure you are using a non-null administrator password.

Step4. And then the Terminal will display the Host File.

Step5. Next, we need to copy the following to the hosts file: “#” and save it.

Step6. Now, restart the PC or Mac, and open the iTunes. In the case of the iPhone has been connected, the DFU mode will be implemented again.

On the other hand, you can directly modify the “Host Files” with the HOSTS extension application.

Part 2. Fix iTunes Error 3014 with No Data Loss

If you want to fix your iPhone iTunes error 3014 or iTunes error 3014 successfully, with no data loss, you can try this software Toolkit - iOS System Recovery. It will fix many iPhone and system errors easily, and keep your data protected.

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Step 1. Install and Launch the Program.

Download the program and then run iOS System Recovery software.

Step 2. Fix the iPhone error 3014.

Choose "More Tools" and then "iOS System Recovery", then connect your iPhone/Pad/Pod to the computer with a USB cable.

It will detect your iPhone/Pad/Pod automatically, then click the "Start" button.

Step 3. Choose Recovery Mode.

The drop-down menus allow you to easily and accurately choose your model, and the right firmware will now be downloaded and automatically installed on your iPhone/Pad/Pod.

Step 4. Mission Accomplished.

Step 5. You will receive a message telling you the process has been successful.

Therefore, if you also encounter above situation, you may try to use this method to solve it. By the way, if your iPhone stuck in recovery mode and you need to recover some important data to prevent them lost after getting the recovery mode out, you can try to use this powerful iPhone Data Recovery software. It can help you to restore the data when your iPhone stuck in recovery mode.

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