Dropped iPhone 6 in Water: Tips How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

Dropped iPhone 6 in Water: Tips How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

What should you do if your iPhone was water-damaged? The first thing should be saving your phone. Here are some solutions about how to fix water damaged iPhone.

Apple has released its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, which are both IP67 certified dust and waterproof. This means that they can live in a dunk environment, in the toilet or a swimming pool, as long as they are not left there for more than 30 minutes and submerged more than 1m. What’s more, Apple also says that "liquid damage is not covered under warranty, so we also need to note the ways to save wet phone in the case.

In addition, as we known, it just suitable for iPhone7 and 7Plus, because all other iPhones are not waterproof. When our iPhone is water damaged, we will come to repair shop to fix it. But they usually fix it to normal and can't retrieve the lost data. So, if you only want to recover your data, you don't need to go to Apple Shop to save your destroyed iPhone, you can get it by yourself through iPhone Data Recovery.

Therefore, if you accidentally get your iPhone wet, like dropped iPhone 6 in water, what should you do? Here are several tricks about how to fix water damaged iPhone 6/6s/5/5s/SE.

1. Do not try to use it

Firstly, take it out the water and turn it off, if it's a phone remove the SIM and any other accessible parts, then rub it dry with a towel or nearby sleeve and remove any water from its ports.
On this time, your devices already are damaged beyond repair and these steps may not help you get your wet phone working. But fortunately, there are some other tricks you can try.

2. The rice trick

Rice is amazing at sucking up water, that is why we can put a tiny cup of rice in a saucepan full of water to boil rice.
Get a big bowl and goes your wet phone into the bowl, and ensure that there is enough rice to adequately cover it for 24 hours.
When the time is up you can attempt to switch it on, but if it doesn't work, stick it back in the rice and try again the following day. Until on the third or fourth unsuccessful time, you should begin to consider noting the time of death.

Besides, you could also substitute rice for silica gel and maybe you will find it in your shoe box.

3. Warm airing cupboard trick

Put your phone in the cupboard for a day or three days where could help draw out the unwanted moisture.
On the other hand, there are some tips or common senses for you to away from the water-damaged.

1. Do not heat up your wet device with a hair dryer.
2.Do not put your wet device in the freezer.
3. Do not leave your wet device on the radiator.
4. Do not put a water-damaged device in the tumble dryer (even if it's inside a sock or a pillow case).

In addition, if you're not sure about it that your iPhone is really water damaged, you can check it by yourself. When your iPhone has been exposed to water, you'll see a red dot. If not, your iPhone is not water damaged.

In short, there are many solutions to help you dry out the phone, but the above method just for your reference, the practical situation need to reconsider. What’s more, when your phone is water damaged, you should also know your data was damaged, so how can you retrieve the data from the water-damaged phone?