Four Reasons to use Intel chip on iPhone 7

Four Reasons to use Intel chip on iPhone 7

If you are interested in iPhone 7 chips, read the article and you will know why iPhone 7 to use Intel chips

Why iPhone 7 use the Intel modem chip? Part of the next model iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus, which will configure the Intel modem chip to replace the Qualcomm chips. AT&T and some international versions of the iPhone will be equipped with Intel modem chips. If Apple really does that, it would be a big victory for Intel.

So why does the apple do that? Let's discuss together.

Jim McGregor, a chief analyst at market research company of Tirias Research, he said Apple made this decision because it likes to use multiple vendors, which means it will not be subject to a vendor. What’s more, Intel may offer discounts to Apple.

The past and future for Intel or Apple

In consideration of the current and future of their partnership with Intel, the 7360modem chip used in the iPhone 7. The chips were originally acquired by Intel and it has been developed by Infinion technologies.

In the first few years of the iPhone's releases, AT & T firmly in control of the exclusive rights of this device, the Infinion company has already be the modem chip suppliers of Apple. Because the Infinion modem does not support CDMA networks, only supports AT & T's GSM network. Verizon also began to support the iPhone in 2011, and Apple decided that they only want to support a modem, so Qualcomm's chip had become their first choice.

More insurance for the double supplier

For Apple, the more iPhone versions, the more problems they need to consider. Even so, Apple still has to enrich the number of iPhone version.

Manage the complexity of the network

iPhone 7 has another version, mainly because of the increasing number of wireless operators around the world, the network complexity of operators is getting higher and higher, and more and more difficult to control.


At present, Intel's manufacturing industry continues to grow and develop, perhaps the future iPhone modem chip can be used directly to Intel to produce-Intel 7460. So, the modem of iPhone can be smaller, and lower power consumption. On the other hand, it means that the operation speed and internal storage of your phone should be more sensitive than before, therefore, you must pay more attention to your data backup for later iphone data recovery.

In the future, the cooperation of Apple and Intel may be more in-depth, such as design SoC chip, the modem, Apple Ax CPU, GPU and other components integrated into a chip. This design will be able to reduce the various chips in the fuselage occupied space, reduce chip heat emissions and chip power consumption. Besides, it might be a reason that the iPhone decide to use the OLED screen.

In short, it will be a win-win cooperation. No matter Apple or Intel, both will greatly benefit. Apple must reduce the cost of other parts of the way to offset the use of new types of screen and the extra cost to ensure that each device profit margins.