For Jailbroken iPhone Users Four Taboo Function You Should Remember!

For Jailbroken iPhone Users Four Taboo Function You Should Remember!

Have you often make the mistake on you jailbroken iPhone and result it restore to the original one? If yes, from this tutorial, we will show you the most basic jailbreak taboo function, then you will

For many users, the function of the new system is much which is Apple officially launched, but far from meeting the needs of users, so many users will choose to lift restrictions through the jailbreak.

As we know, “Jailbreak” enables you to do many things which the original system do not allow you to do, such as remove the Pre-installed App on your iPhone, free download the paid software and so on.

What are the functions of the taboo in jailbreak cannot be implemented? In fact, some features introduced from the jailbreak, it has been destined to be closed or unable to perform. In the end, what functions cannot be enabled after the escape or cannot perform it? This tutorial will tell you the most basic jailbreak taboo function.

Besides, to prevent lost the jailbroken feature, here are some tips for you if you are a jailbroken user.

Taboo function1: Prevent OTA upgrade

Apple will unveil a new system every once in a while, and many users will upgrade it because of its new feature. But for the jailbroken users, they need to confirm first whether the firmware version can be escaped or not, and the updated way just can via DFU mode. (See also: How to Enter DFU mode on iPhone7)

Taboo function2: Erase all settings

For the ordinary users, iOS has a feature that can "Erase all content and settings", so that the system back to the initial state of good irrigation. But for the jailbroken users, it has become the most important taboo function. Because once you click it, it will lead to the Apple has been stuck in the White Login state. And in this case, you may need to know how to recover iPhone data without backup.

Taboo function3: Regards iOS system as a Windows system to manage

Some users or novice, they will think it should be able to make iOS more space and run fast after they deleting some information, or it is okay to delete some useless jailbreak folder. However, it may cause the entire system to corrupt, serious is immediately see all desktop APP disappear or directly into the white apple state. So, unless you have the backup files (backup method), otherwise you don’t need to mess to delete or move to the files on jailbreak phone.

Taboo function4: Restore to iPhone data

Whenever connected to the iPhone through the computer device, iTunes will automatically open, if a new version of iOS is launched, it will ask whether to download the update? At this time, you need to click "No", and do not click on "Check for updates" and "Reply iPhone." These two functions, which will lead to your hands are jailbreak equipment, restore or restore into jail state.

The above four points, please remember to jailbreak users in mind, do not point not to operate, then you can easily master your jailbroken phone!!

The last but not least, for these sensitive things such as phone files, whether you need to restore or jailbreak your phone and do other things, the first thing you need to do is to back up your data so that you will not lose the data. Or cannot avoid the loss of important data, you also can recover them through iPhone data recovery tool.