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Get help using iCloud-Five tips for you

Get help using iCloud-Five tips for you

Tell you some iCloud using tips for iOS devices

iCloud is the Internet cloud service that allows users to synchronize files between Mac computers and iOS devices, also can back up the whole system iOS device. Although other cloud services are very popular such as Google Drive, drop box, it has a deeper iCloud integration for iOS and OS X, the latest version at the same time also increased lots of features. let's take have a look at how you can use iCloud service to enhance daily efficiency.

1.Synchronize files between iClouDrive and Mac computers.

iCloud Drive. All your files. On all your devices.
Although the iCloud system has a high priority, it is regrettable that it has no integrated network disk class service, you can’t synchronize any files between Mac, but we can solve this problem by free third-party application iClouDrive. After installing the application, you can add files in the relevant folder, just log iCloud account on another computer, then the relevant documents will appear.

2. Seamless synchronization of iOS and Mac

Through some applications which can support Mac and iOS, we can achieve the file synchronization. Besides, if your mac shutdown abnormality and result in losing data, you may find them through iPhone data recovery Mac.

3. iCloud Keychain.

Get help with issues you might have using iCloud Keychain.
"Keychain", it can record website login name and password, and synchronize two systems, it is very convenient for us.

4. Tracking Apple devices.

Through the "find my iPhone" or "Find my Mac" feature, you can track in real time on your Mac or iOS device, it is possible to erase the free device, send a message or set an alarm sound, and other functions on the iCloud. By the way, you will not need to worry about losing your data when your phone is stolen, just recover the whole data from iCloud or recover some individual details data from some iPhone recovery software.

5. iWork functions on iCloud.com.

Currently, Apple has integrated the services of iWork function in iCloud.com, you can log in using document services through a browser. In addition, Apple has the new iOS and Mac devices which offer the free iWork suite, so you can achieve convenient document synchronization.

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