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Guide: How to Free Up the 5GB iCloud Space?

Guide: How to Free Up the 5GB iCloud Space?

Do you know where your iCloud space is used? From this article, we are going to show you three methods about how we can reduce the iCloud space more efficiently, so you can have a try after learning i

Do you know where your iCloud space is used?

At the 2001 Macworld Expo, Jobs introduced Apple's Digital Hub strategy before releasing iTunes. He talked about the digital devices which carry by people, including cell phones, cameras, PDAs, and music players. And he hopes the Mac can become a digital center, so from the Mac to MobileMe, and to today's iCloud, those can be said that Apple products are built around the cloud services.

For Mac and iOS users, they need to save different types of files to the iCloud, such as songs, photos, contact information, calendars, and reminders etc. Besides, the user's e-mail or files can also be saved to iCloud. More importantly, users will usually back up iOS devices via iCloud.

Each user has 5GB of free iCloud space, for most situations it is enough absolutely, but there will still be a shortage of space situation.
How is such a large backup file coming?

In fact, iCloud has a not intelligent function to back up the program data. When you re-install the program after the jailbreak, you will restore the application together to restore to the previous state. For example, iCloud will back up the cache of each song, even if we delete the local cache every time, iCloud will not delete the cache of these songs on the iCloud.

Except music, many apps like Google Drive also takes up a lot of memory, but obviously, these backups are also useless! Because these App have been working in their respective clouds, so it is completely superfluous if iCloud back up them again.

You can find device’s backups takes up a lot of space. In addition, if your iCloud backup has more than two devices, then space will soon be filled. Because a device takes at least 1 to 2GB of storage.

So, until the iCloud prompt you, don’t you just can only remove the precious photos, or pay for it? In fact, through some simple methods also can free up space.

1. Turn off some in-app data backup.

Go to “Settings-iCloud-Manage Storage”, where you can see the detailed catalogs that iCloud occupies. Among them, the backup will have all the backup iOS device name, click them you can see more information about the apps.
Select some of the content you need to close, which in turn is the redundant part precisely to back up to the iCloud. For example, iMovie editing video project file, or part of the player into the video file, because these files tend to account for a large part of the space.

Or, you don’t want to manage these files in such a cumbersome way, then you can synchronize these files to your computer at once through iTunes or iPhone Recovery Software. Therefore, you can delete all the information on the device, and when you need these files, you only need to find those data on your computer.

2. Select “Optimize iPhone storage”.

Apple provides an "iCloud Photo Gallery" feature, which will upload the entire library system to iCloud. There are two storage modes, one is to store the original photo in local files and iClouds, and the other is to store an original photo in iCloud, and store the optimized low-resolution preview photos on your iPhone.

The second modes can greatly reduce the photo space occupied by the local, and when users look back to the original file from iCloud it will download again automatically.

3. Replace "iCloud Photo Gallery" with third-party storage software.

This is the most space-consuming content. For the user who is keen on taking pictures, it is a normal phenomenon to save 4-5 GB photos.

So, you can choose to close the “iCloud photo gallery”. After you have backed up the pictures here, you can delete the original file, leaving a preview of the photos of low resolution on the phone. However, if you want to see the photos next time, you can open this software to view the photos, or realize iPhone photo recovery to your iPhone again.

In shorts, I believe it can help you effectively to free up your iCloud space through these three methods. Of course, if not enough, you can also choose to pay to upgrade your iCloud storage space.