Hacker attacks for iMessage? How to prevent and solve?

Hacker attacks for iMessage? How to prevent and solve?

Many users had been received a lot of junk information in iMessage or calendar, which is about the casino information. Here is the method for you to solve this problem if you also meet this situation.

Have you received this kind of message with Chinese text? According to a Mashable employee, she said there is a message in her computer's, and the iMessage account from a foreign number with the message written in Chinese text she didn't recognize.

Why is this so?

The most likely are the iOS system had been hacked, the Apple support representative said. Because of the below prompt, after you received this notification and click “OK”, you will receive a lot of junk information every day. The message is all related to Macau casinos, and the information shown in the mobile phone number prefix is also used in mainland China +86.

I think there should be a lot of people under attack, so faced with this situation, what should we do?

Here is a solution for you to solve this problem when you meet - Reporting junk message and deleting the message.

1.Open it as usual

2. Report Junk

Looking for the message “The sender is not in your contacts list. Report Junk” at the bottom of the iMessage – tap on the Report Junk button to iMessage SPAM, then delete the message and report it as junk.

3. Return to the inbox

Once confirmed, Messages app will back out of the junk message and return to the inbox.

4. Finish

Once you reported this kind of message as spam and trashed, the message is removed from the iPhone, and there shouldn’t be any need to have further interaction with the message.

In addition, there is an extreme way. You can also shield the spam iMessage, but it needs to Close the “iMessage” in the setting, then the phone can no longer send or receive any iMessage. However, this approach is equivalent to "die" together, because the user's own iMessage function can not be used.

On the other hand, the “calendar” also had attached in the meantime, and the reason may be that your iCloud ID also attached by the hacker. As for me, the best way is to close “back up the calendar” in the setting of iCloud.

But in this way, you will not be able to synchronize calendar files to iCloud. So, once you lost some important information, you can also find our them through iPhone data recovery. Or you can find your lost calendar information from iTunes if you already backup them to iTunes before.

In short, I think Apple will solve this problem as soon as possible. Later, we will not receive this kind of junk information.