Help you to retrieve the missing iPhone-Find My iPhone

Help you to retrieve the missing iPhone-Find My iPhone

Here are some methods to help you find your phone or your lost data when your iPhone is stolen or lost.

When you are shopping, having a meal or in the buses or the metro, have you forget to take away your iPhone? Or your phone was stolen?

If you meet this situation the same as me, do not pray for good luck, and quickly learn how to use the "Find My iPhone"! To minimize the loss of it.

Although called "Find My iPhone", you can use iCloud to easily manage all of your Apple devices, like the Mac, iPad, iPhone. It can be used in this way to approach to track management. Besides, here are some using tips of iCloud for your reference.

The First step, iPhone iCloud account login.

To enable this feature, you must set the iCloud at first.
Enter the "Settings", "iCloud" to enter your Apple ID, then allows the use of iCloud iPhone location.

The Second step, Find your iPhone.

1. After opening the Apple ID, you can sign, or "Find My iPhone" App Tracking iPhone or the other device.

2. After entering, you can see that an iOS device of us, then click the lost device as soon as possible. So the iCloud will be GPS location to find the phone!

3.The key step! After knowing where are he, then we have three options.
(1) Issues rings and displays a warning message.
If you cannot find your iPhone in daily life, sign your iCloud to click on "Find My iPhone" feature, and press the "Play voice" to listen to iPhone whether is in the vicinity or not.

(2) Distal locking:
Remote Lock can help us to the foreign original unlocked device, the device can also be cracked passwords and then change the password! It is a very practical tool!

(3) Remote Wipe: In the case of "the information is more important than everything, then what must not be compromised," then you can use this option. Because this option will remove all the contents of our device, but you must make sure that you already backup the data in your computer before you remove them. So once you need your previous data, you can use Iphone Recovery Software to recover them.

The Third step, Switching "Lost Mode".

If you can’t find your phone and you are sure it is lost, you can switch the "lost mode". Then you need to enter your emergency contact phone number and message, tell them to contact you if someone picked up it.

Of course, you can also remotely wipe the iPhone to prevent leakage of personal information, we usually appeal here that everyone needs to have the habit of data backup through iTunes, iCloud or some iphone transfer software.

Activation Lock

When you start the "Find My iPhone", the Activation Lock will begin operating, and it represent if you close "Find My iPhone" or wipe the device in the information, you need to enter your Apple ID and password. It seems to be more than a layer of protection.

Therefore, when next time you lose your iPhone. Do not panic, study the above information to protect your data in time.