Hey, Siri! Here are some practical tips for you!

Hey, Siri! Here are some practical tips for you!

how to use Siri more efficiently on your iPhone

Siri is a voice control function, it is very convenient for us to communicate, make a phone call, send a message and so on. With the iPhone's popularity, you can also use Siri in our daily life.

Are you familiar with it? If not, let me show you some useful tips.

1.Mathematics and Conversion

We can use Siri to do arithmetic and unit conversion.


If you want to send a quick text message, the fastest way is the voice speaking, and then issue a command to Siri.

3. Correct pronunciation.

If you think Siri pronunciation is not what you want, you can tell it that its pronunciation is wrong.

4. Reminders

The feature is still very useful in daily life, somewhat is similar to a secretary. You do not go down alone to do, just by telling Siri, what time you need to do something, and then Siri will send you a push message to remind you at that time.

5. Find your contact.

Everyone has more than 150 contacts, even for the most frequent contacts, it is still a little cumbersome to find them, especially when the other party is in need of emergency calls, Siri can help you find it at the first time. By the way, if you use a new iPhone, you must be careful to prevent the data loss when you transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone.

6. Open the APP

Many people have over 100 apps on their phone, if you do not want to flip back and forth, you just need to say the APP's name to Siri, then it will help you open the application.

7. Open the photo.

Your order is opened July photos, then Siri will show you the photo which you need.

8. Social Apps.

You can update your Facebook status by voice, the first landing site Facebook, then click “Account Setting” and set up the mobile text messages to create a new contact "Facebook" on the phone, and the phone number provided by Facebook. After setting up, you can tell Siri "send a message to Facebook." Besides, this method is also applicable for Twitter. If you want to know more, you may also follow Apple’s Twitter/@SiriByApple.

9.Web search.

we can also search the page by Siri for some desired content in the search bar, you can just directly say to "Search" to Siri.

10. HomeKit.

Use Siri to control your HomeKit app. For example, you can order the Siri to “turn off the bedroom light” on your phone.

11. Find friends on the map.

When you are planning to spend a quiet weekend, your friends called you and said that he found a very interesting place, but did not tell you the location, so you can ask Siri, it can retrieve the information from the Find My Friends app, then tell you the location.

In addition, Siri is still in the learning process to become more intelligent.