Hidden Function in The Newfangled Snapchat!

Hidden Function in The Newfangled Snapchat!

As a popular social app, Snapchat has powerful functions, and also has some hidden functions you don’t know before. In this article, I will show you 7 tips of the Snapchat, such as the emoji, te

Are you the Snapchat user? As a platform to share life with friends quickly, Snapchat has become the majority of young peoples who are frequently used by the social media App after the Facebook and Instagram.

Why is it so popular? Frankly speaking, we live in the era of self-timer. There are millions of people would like to selfie every day, because we are used to putting these photos on the social app for sharing with others.

So, do you like to join in this big family to express your emotions and communicate with others more authentic? Or do you know enough for Snapchat? In addition to taking pictures or videos, chatting, there are some tips for Snapchat, have you used it before?

No matter you have used it or not, now let’s have a look to master those tips.

1. Save Power

As the plenty of transferring data of pictures or videos when the users used it, so there will frequently result in the lower battery. But if you open the "Travel Mode" in the setting, Snapchat will not load the picture automatically to reduce power consumption.

2. Extended Text Field

Is it not enough place for you to type? I think most of the Snapchatter will also meet this situation when they want to type a paragraph. Actually, there is an easy way to solve this problem that notes on the phone to play a space on the copy firstly, and then paste it down to the Snapchat Text Filed.

3. Change the color of each word

Will you feel it is too monotonous that one color of the font? In fact, as long as you already type the word, and then tap the "T" on the top right corner to magnify the font. After that, tap and hold the word which you want to change, until the "select" option to select the color, then click "copy" to choose the color.

See the video of how to change text color on snapchat.

4. Emoji Filter

In addition to the built-in three filters of Snapchat, you can also use emoji create a personal style of the filter.

First, select the desired Emoji color, Emoji will be enlarged to the entire screen, and then Emoji to the trash can but do not let go, so a beautiful filter to do so.

See the video of how to create a emoji filter.

5. Custom Bestfriend Emoji

Go to the SettingManageFriend Emoji to change your favorite emoji.

6. Use two filters on one photos at the same time

As long as you select a filter with your fingers on the screen, and then use the second finger to draw a draw, then your photos can have two filters.

7. Discover

"Today's news is tomorrow's history".

Recently, Snapchat introduced the discovery, live and advertising features. With its own advertising philosophy and interesting content, which brings users much interesting news every day.

Have you learned these hidden skills in the Snapchat? Snapchat has been popular, expect its chat and photo features, and the software can attach great importance to user privacy so that the users can use it rest assured! Or if you accidentally deleted your important data on your phone, you can also recover them by the phone data recovery.

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