How much do you know about Jailbreak?

How much do you know about Jailbreak?

What is the Jailbreak and do you want to jailbreak your phone? On this article, I will show you the difference between jailbreak and not jailbreak, so you can learn whether it is worth to jailbreak or

Jailbreak– I think most of the people have heard this word, and for many iPhone users, they have been troubled for a long time whether jailbreak it or not. In fact, the jailbreak can remove some of the original firmware restrictions, so you can use the iPhone unrestrictedly.

However, many users don’t know the advantages and shortcomings of it, so they are afraid to try to jailbreak. In response to this issue, I would like to share with you some information about iPhone jailbreak, so that you will know what is the difference between jailbreak and not jailbreak.

The advantages and disadvantages about Jailbreak

The advantage of Jailbreak

1. It supports background operation.
2. You can install the cracked software.
3. You can change the theme, icons, SMS ringtones and so on.
4. Optimize your system and modify the system files. Besides, in order to manage the system files better, you can also complete with the help of iPhone transfer.
5. Install more software with high system privileges, to achieve more advanced features.
6. Use the third-party file management software to manage the system or other files flexibly.
7. It will not damage the hardware and it will not change the hardware on any phone.
8. It will not be affected your software, whatever it is free of charge or necessary to purchase on Apple Store.

The disadvantage of Jailbreak

1. It will breed a small BUG when you jailbreak.
2. The cost of electricity, jailbreak system will remain a number of processes to maintain the state of jailbreak. Depending on the number of the system-level software (deb format), it will improve the power consumption rate about 10% to 20%
3. With the high system privileges, it means that accompanied by the risk of system crashes, so it may appear some unstable situation. It tells us that do not install any applications until you understand it.
4. It cannot be updated in a timely manner when the new phone firmware version came out. Each new version of firmware will fix the bug of the last version, so that jailbreak failure. Therefore, if you want to maintain the function after the jailbreak, you need to wait until the new jailbreak program release, in order to upgrade the corresponding phone firmware version.

The advantage and disadvantage about not jailbreak

The advantage of not jailbreak

1. Strong-compatibility app which downloads from Apple Store.
2. It will not leave redundant system junk files if you download from Apple Store.
3. Save power.

The disadvantage of not jailbreak

1. System privileges are low. Then we can not delete the system program; we can not modify the system files and settings; we can not give a program encryption; we can not use Bluetooth to send files and so on.
2. We can not install a crack program.
3. We can’t manage the file on the phone
4. We can’t change the theme, icon, SMS ringtones and so on.

On the other hand, for later iphone data recovery, the most important thing is to back up your data (backup method) before you jailbreak.

In short, every coin has two sides. But it is worth mentioning that jailbreak is risky, so you need to be careful before you do it.