How Should You Do Before Upgrading to the iOS10 System?

How Should You Do Before Upgrading to the iOS10 System?

What are the things you need to know before updating to the iOS10 system?

In early June of this year, Apple has unveiled a new iOS10 system at the WWDC Developers Conference. After a period of test up to more than three of the next-generation system iOS 10, Apple has finally launched the official version.

If you want to know more details about iOS10 system, please check the previous article.- iOS devices.

In the meantime, if you have not been in contact with or understanding of the new system version, let us tell you,before you upgrading the iOS10 system, what you need to do in order to upgrade to iOS10 successfully?

1. Make sure your iOS device is supported.

Before the upgrade, you must know iOS10 only supports the following means, if you do not have these devices, you can’t upgrade the iOS10.

2. Clean unused Apps.

I believe that most people are equipped with numbers of Apps on the iPhone or iPad, and many of these applications or games are useless. So In order to avoiding wasting space, you can check it yourself before the upgrade, delete unused apps.

3. Delete the multimedia files which you don’t need.

In the photo album, everyone should have a lot of photos and videos, even if you are using the 128GB model, but too many unwanted photo or video will be a waste of space, so it is time to clear a little longer. Besides, if you delete the photos accidentally in the recently deleted files and you want to find it back, you can try to use iphone photo recovery to recover the delete photos.

4.Backup! Backup! Backup!

Before you start the upgrade: remember to backup

Backup Method:
1. Open the iTunes app and let your iOS device connected to the computer (In order to maintain stability, it is recommended to use an official data cable, the WiFi connection is not recommended).

2. If you want to back up the account password, "health" and other data, you need to check "to iPhone / iPad Backup Encryption" option.

3. Select the Backup Now, wait until the backup is complete.

4. After the backup is complete, open the "Preferences - Device", you can see the record you just back up, right-click and select "archive" to ensure that the backup will not be covered by a subsequent new backup.

5. Once the backup is complete, we can begin to upgrade the system.

5. Don’t forget your phone password.

Before upgrading iOS 10, the user password is required to update the phone, the important operating of the phone is not supporting the Touch ID verification. Therefore, you may remember the password you have set before, although it is not used for a long time. To avoid it cannot be updated because you forgot the passwords. But once you really forget the password, iphone recovery tool may be a good helper for you.

6. OTA upgrade, make sure your phone has enough power.

For most users, you need to ensure that the phone more than 50% of the electricity, and find a place which supports WiFi to wait for the official OTA push in the "System Settings - General - Software Update".

7. Failed to upgrade.

Sometimes you forget to backup your data before upgrading the iOS10. It doesn’t matter if you meet this situation, you just need to use some Iphone Recovery Software to find your lost data on your devices.

At last, if you want to upgrade faster and more smoothly, you can reset your device completely, erase all data and restore your iPhone or iPad to the factory state before the upgrade. After the upgrade, you can use iTunes to restore the backup data again, so that you can reduce the risk of bricking.