How to Backup iPhone Notes in iOS 10?

How to Backup iPhone Notes in iOS 10?

If you don't know how to backup the iPhone notes, there is the very article you need.

In recently, due to the launch of iPhone 7 and the update of the iOS10 system. I think that many people had a new phone or updated the new system. So what should you do before you change it? – That is backup your important data! For example, your iPhone Notes.

The development of iPhone Notes, which make the users out of the requirement for a pen and paper. “Notes” not only can be used to capture fleeting inspiration but also can be used to store important or interesting information for later viewing.

We would like to write down some information through iPhone Notes, it allows you to record conveniently anywhere. But If you encounter a system damage, just like updated failed, then your memo will get lost. Although you can refer The Phone Recovery Expert to solve this problem, you’d better to backup your data to prevent it. Here is the method to tell you how to backup the notes through iOS iCloud. So even if the phone restore system, you just need to open the iCloud simply in the memo again to restore the original memo saved.

Step 1. First, find the "Settings" on your iPhone, click to enter.

Step 2. Setting up the list with a finger swipe, find "iCloud" option and click to enter.

Step 3. Enter your own Apple ID and password, click Login to open the iCloud feature.

Step 4. After waiting for the system to open the iCloud, ensure that the "Notes" is turned on.

Step 5. At that time, we need to open the “Notes” on your iPhone and sweep down with your finger on the screen to synchronize updates.

Step 6. After synchronization is complete, we can open the iCloud website and check whether the memorandum has been synchronized.

Open the iCloud website, enter our Apple ID and password.

Note: iCloud website address is:

Step 7. Into the iCloud home page, click on the "Notes".

Step 8. At last, if you can see the contents of the memo on the iCloud web version, it means that the backup has been successfully synchronized.

Develop a good habit to of backup, you will not lose your memo data. But if you forget to backup them, you can also find some iphone recovery software to solve this problem.