How to Delete Songs from iPod? Top Three Ways for You!

How to Delete Songs from iPod? Top Three Ways for You!

You may annoy at deleting songs one by one in order to make space on iPod. In this post, you will get three methods on how to remove songs from iPod with ease.

Q: How to delete music from iPod? - From Apple support communities

Situation 1. I was trying to delete some tracks from my iPod Nano to make room for other music. I use iTunes. Now I could just right click on a song in the iPod's section of iTunes and remove that music from the iPod. Are there any other ways to perform the same function on iPod with ease?

Situation 2. Finally I had my iPod synced to iTunes successfully. But there is a problem that I don't want copy all songs in my iTunes to iPod. How do I delete certain songs from my iPod?

For iOS users, it is the common example on how to delete songs from iPod Nano, iPod classic, and iPod Shuffle, etc. As we know, syncing music from iPod is very easy, but it's not easy to remove songs from iPod unless you have an iPod touch music removal tool.

Asking how to delete songs off iPod means that you need to add new music files on iPod but you can’t because you lack of space on iPod. So, if you have no idea or fail to delete songs on iPod, you are lucky to find these three effective ways about how to delete songs from iPod with ease.

Method 1. Delete songs from iPod via iPhone Transfer
Method 2. Delete Songs from iPod with iTunes
Method 3. Delete Music from iPod touch from the Device

Method 1. Delete songs from iPod via iPhone Transfer

By this iPod touch music removal tool, you can easily delete songs from iPod with ease. Due to its simple and brief operation interface, iPhone Transfer Software is the best iOS Music manager which allows you to add, import, export, delete music from iPod in one click. Moreover, for a good music manager, it also can fix and optimize ID3 tags, covers, song information if you need.

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Key features:

- Easily delete songs from iPod Touch without using iTunes.
- Delete songs in batch, not like iTunes where you need to delete songs on by one.
- Allow iPhone, iPod, and iPad users to manage/delete not only music but also videos, contacts, audio, apps easily without using iTunes.
- Supports android devices as well and allows you to root android mobile in just few click.
- Fix incomplete iD3 information of music files.
- Enables you to find the delete duplicates from iPod, iPad, and iPhone in just one click.
- Fully compatible with iOS 10.3

Step 1 Download and install iPhone Transfer on your computer

Step 2 Connect your iPod touch to the computer using an USB cable.

Your iPod Touch will be detected within 5 seconds. Then you can see you iPod on the home screen of iPhone Transfer with showing free space on your iPod.

Step 3 Choose the items which you want to delete

Click "Music" after your devices were detected by the program. Now you will see all songs on your iPod touch are listed, and check the boxes in front of the songs you want to remove. Then, click "Delete" or right click on the selected songs and Click on “Delete” button.

Step 4 Confirm the items you want to delete

Just Click on “Yes” button if you've checked.

In addition to deleting songs off iPod, you’re able to erase common playlists on your iPod touch/Nano/Classic too.

Just click "Playlist" in the left sidebar. In the playlist window, choose the playlists that you will delete, and then click "Delete". Or right click to select Delete.

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Method 2. How to Delete Music from iPod Nano with iTunes

Step 1 Open the latest version of iTunes on your PC/Mac.

Step 2 Click on the "Music" in the music library. Then it will show all your songs there, just right click on the songs and choose "Delete". And the songs will be removed from iTunes music library.

Step 3 Connect your iPod touch to computer.

Step 4 Click on the device icon at the top left corner on iTunes.

Step 5 Go to "Music" from the left menu and click on "Sync" button at the bottom right corner. Now the music will be deleted from iPod touch.

Method 3. Delete Music from iPod touch on the Device

Step 1 Tap on Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage.

Step 2 You will see all the content of your iPod touch on the manage storage screen, then just select the songs which you need to delete to remove them.

Besides, you can also select to delete songs off iPod Nano through Music App, just open the Music app -> Tap the song that you want to delete -> Keep on sliding right until you see the Delete option -> Tap on Delete and the song will be deleted.