How to Delete Movies from iPad/iTunes?

How to Delete Movies from iPad/iTunes?

Can’t delete movies/videos on your iPad? Here are four ways to solve your problem on how to delete videos from iPad, just refer and find the best one you like.

Q: How to delete videos from iPad/How to delete movies from iTunes?

"I can't delete some movies I bought on iTunes to make space for more on my iPad Air 2. How do I delete? I tried tapping and holding on the video, and I tried swiping. Please help!"

As we know, we can get the movies on iPad from iTunes Store or sync from the computer, most of the iPad users would like to save some interesting movies on their iPad for enjoyment. Besides, with the built-in iSight camera, people are keen on shooting videos by their portable iPad to captures the beautiful scene. However, as the limited storage space of iPad, you may need to delete some movies or recorded videos to free up space.

So here comes the question, when you want to delete some movies or video, you may meet many gets into some trouble that you can't delete them from iTunes. But you don’t need to worry about it because there are so many other ways available to delete videos from iPhone.

Part 1. Delete Videos from iPad Settings

Part 2. Delete Videos from iPad Camera Roll

Part 3. Delete Videos from iPad with iTunes

Part 4. The Easiest Way to Delete Videos from iPad

Part 1. Delete Videos from iPad Settings

Step 1. Tap to open iPad Settings.

Go to General > Usage > Manage Storage, then you will see all the apps on the screen along with the size, and choose Videos to go to the detailed page.

Step 2. Delete videos from iPad

Select the video you don't want to keep on your iPad and swipe from right to left. Then you'll see the Delete button. Tap the button to delete videos from iPad settings directly.

Note: Before you delete the videos from your iPad, you'd better transfer them to your computer as a backup to prevent the data loss. So, in the next part, I will introduce you an iOS transfer tool that allows you to delete and backup videos on your iPad.

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Part 2. Delete Videos from iPad Camera Roll

Step 1. Enter your iPhone Photos app, and select Video Albums

Step 2. Tap Select at the upper right corner of the screen, then select the videos you want to delete. After that, you'll see the Trash icon at the right bottom.

Step 3. Now you'll see the pop-up dialog, and choose Delete Video to start deleting the video from iPhone Camera Roll.

Part 3. Delete Videos from iPad with iTunes

Step 1. Connect your iPad to computer with the USB cable, and open iTunes.

Step 2. iTunes will detect your iPad automatically, and you can find an iPad icon on the top of iTunes interface. Click on the iPad icon now.

Step 3. After clicking on the iPad icon, you will be redirected to the summary page of your iPad. And scroll and check the option “Manually manage music and videos”. After checking it click on the Apply button now.

Step 4. Choose Movies to tab in the left sidebar, and check Sync Movies, then only select the videos you need on your iPhone. After that, click the Sync button at the right bottom, and iTunes will erase the videos you don't want to keep during the syncing process.

Part 4. The Easiest Way to Delete Videos from iPad

iPhone Transfer is a best available iPhone manager software for Windows and Mac users to manage iPhone, iPad and other iPod with the easiest process. It allows you to delete videos from iPad in one click. In addition to videos, iPhone Transfer also allows you to manage music, photos and more files on your iOS devices with ease.

Download WinDownload Mac

Key Features
iPhone Transfer enables you to delete videos easily from iPhone with one click.
iPhone Transfer allows you to manage files on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
iPhone Transfer can help users to automatically fix incomplete music tags after the music transfer.
iPhone Transfer provides you a one-click backup and restore way to backup and restore iOS and Android data.

Step 1 Connect iPad to the computer

Download and install iPhone Transfer on your computer, then start it. Now connect your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable, and the program will automatically detect your device.

Step 2 Delete Videos from iPad

Choose Videos category in the main interface, and you will see the video files, along with the contents in the right part. Now select the videos you need, and click the Delete button in the main interface, then the program will ask for your confirmation. Click Yes to start deleting videos from iPad.