How to Downgrade from iOS 10 After You Update System.

How to Downgrade from iOS 10 After You Update System.

Do you like the iOS 10 system? And do you want to downgrade your iOS 10 system to the older version when you are not used to the new version? Here is a complete guide to help you operate it easily.

For iOS10 system, I believe most people are no strangers, or rather you have gradually familiar with the iOS10 system. The new version of the iOS10 not only has a great change in the operation page but also has a lot of new features. Although there are many new things, it still has many bugs that some users do not like or are not used to it. So, if you don’t want to use the iOS10 system, can you downgrade it?

Can I downgrade to the older version? It depends on whether Apple has closed the old version of the system authentication interface. If not, you can downgrade to the corresponding old version of the system.

Here is a method for you to learn how to downgrade your iOS system.

Step 1. Know your iPhone version.

Because different models of iPhone use a different firmware, so you need to download the firmware you need in advance when you downgrade.

Step 2. Download the appropriate firmware.

At present, you just can downgrade to the iOS9.3.5 system. Because the verification of the other system version should have been turned off.

Step 3. Brush into the firmware

a. Connect your phone to the computer, and open the new version iTunes.

First of all, you need to make sure that “Find my iPhone must be turned off before iPhone can be restored”, you can close it on your iPhone setting.

b. After connecting to the computer.

Please hold down the shift and click “check update”, then select the appropriate system firmware for downgrade.

Notes: Because downgrade back to iOS 9 will empty all the data from the phone, so you need to back up before you downgrade it for later iphone data recovery.

Step 4. Waiting for finish.

After the downgrade completed, you will get a blank iPhone with the iOS9.3.5 system. Then recover your data to your phone from iTunes or any other Iphone Recovery Software.

Above tutorial for iOS10 downgrade, if you don’t like the system after you upgrade to iOS10, you can try to downgrade. The method is relatively simple, but you still need to operate it more carefully.