How to Fix Threaded Emails of Apples Mail app in iOS10

How to Fix Threaded Emails of Apples Mail app in iOS10

In order to use the Apple's Mail app in iOS10 better, it is critical do some setting and let the recent Email on the top. You can also find the way about turning on the complete threads, turning

There are many good features in iOS 10. Such as the Music app, the wonderful Lyrics, 3D-touch Control Center etc. People get a better user experience after updating to iOS10. But nothing is perfect. The Mail app in iOS10 is annoying and getting many complaints from users.
Here’s the method for users to fix the Mail app and to have a better use of it.

1.Set the recent email on the top

When launching the iOS10’s Mail app, users find that the oldest Emails are on the top. And they need to scroll many old Emails in order to see the new one. This is conversation threading which set by Apple in iOS10. Users don’t like this threaded emails feature unless who can get fun to scroll the old Emails. Here comes the question, how you move the recent Email on the top? You can tap the Setting icon>scroll down to find the Mail>turn on the “Most Recent Message on Top” toggle.

2.Turn on the “Complete Threads”

If you want to see all of the thread’s conversations in chronological order, no matter which Mailbox they are in. You can set by going to Setting>Mail>Treading>Find the”Complete Threads” and turn on the toggle. Then you can have a look at all the Email in order, not just the one you just received.

3.Give up Mail threads altogether

If you don’t want the thread Emails and prefer to sift the related emails via Mail’s handy search bar, you can head to Settings > find the Mail > Threading and switch the “Organize by the thread.”

If you think it is troubling to setting this app, you can download another new app entirely, which make you use Email easier. The Gmail is a good option. And then use iPhone Transfer to move the Email dacta.