How to Install the Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard on iPhone?

How to Install the Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard on iPhone?

The Word Flow Keyboard is very practical, the article will show us how to install it.

Do you want to have a much smarter keyboard on your iPhone? Microsoft Word Flow is that kind of keyboard, which will help you to type easily when using one hand. Especially for the larger size iPhone. And it also allow to search the images, emojis and GIFs from the web, which makes your text content more plentiful. What’s more, there is a built-in library, which will provide GIFs to your texts without switching apps or keyboards. Besides, it can work with 3D Touch and can customize the keyboard with themes.

With so many advantages, are you can’t wait to have one Word Flow? So, let’s learn how to install it to your iPhone.
Firstly, go to Setting in your iPhone, choose General to click. And then you need to scroll a bit down to find the Keyboard.
Secondly, when you are on the keyboard screen, select “keyboard.”

Finally, when you see the “Add a New Keyboard” on the screen, which we are looking for with so many steps. Then click it. After installing the keyboard, it will be listed on the screen.

If unsuccessful, you can return to the keyboard’s app and find out if there are other steps need to be taken. If so, you can try to re-install it with the steps.

Nothing is absolutely perfect. When you install the Word Flow, you may also meet the issue like your iPhone froze up. It is the fault of Microsoft’s fault. But don’t worry, if the phone data is lost, you can recover it by using iPhone recovery software.
After installing the Word Flow, it is time to use it. Let’s start to use this software with its wonderful advantages.