How To Make A Photo Memories In iOS 10 System?

How To Make A Photo Memories In iOS 10 System?

This tutorial is going to tell you how to make a photo memories in iOS10 system.

Enjoy your Memories in Photos - Apple has launched the official iOS10 version to the majority of Apple device users for the system update, which added a new "photo memories" function.
So do you know how to use it? Let me give you a brief introduction-iOS10 photo memories tutorial.

Part 1. Get into the application interface.

In the page you will see three modules, Photos, Memories and Albums. Then click and enter the Memories page.

Part 2. Create movie.

After entering, we see will a video memory for each time. Then we click randomly and enter to see, at this time we need to download and view.

Part 3. Adjust the timeline of the video.

After finishing loading, you can see a timeline of the video, click the “play” button to watch.
For the timeline you can select the type of music, just click the “edit” button to make the photo memories.

Part 4. Edit your basic information.

Enter the edit page, you can edit the memory name, music selection and add or delete photos etc.

Besides, we should make a habit of backuping our photos through iTunes, iCloud or other software. Because once you delete the photos or videos unexpectedly, and you don’t have a backup file of them, so you will lose your data. By this time, you can find some iphone recovery tool to recover them.

In addition to this feature, Apple also adds the vision technology for the pictures, to identify the phone and iCloud photographs automatically of faces, objects, animals and scene. It will be added to the original record time and place, so there will be a lot of photo metadata. Therefore, the system can know who, what, where, when taken in the photograph, then extending new applications.

The new photo apps, it allows users to manage pictures better, refer photos faster. Now, although the function looks very simple, the experience has improved a lot. Let us be more convenient and diverse to use it.