How to Remove the Pre-installed App Completely in iOS10, Not Just Delete Them?

How to Remove the Pre-installed App Completely in iOS10, Not Just Delete Them?

Apple said that you can uninstall the pre-installed app in the new iOS10 version. But in fact, it just can delete but cannot remove. So, if you want to uninstalled them to release your phone memory, y

In the WWDC2016 developer conference, Apple officially released a new generation of the iOS10 operating system, bringing a lot of new features. At the same time, they also said that the new iOS 10 will support uninstall pre-installed APP, such as weather, Watch, stock, FaceTime, compass and so on. Do you also think that you can remove the pre-installed app in the new version of iOS10?

In fact, for Apple users, most of the pre-installed app are useless, what’s more, many people will think that these apps are used to account for the memory. Especially for the iPhone users who use with 16GB, these pre-installed program is simply the luxury of the existence of their iPhone. If you can uninstall off the pre-installed app, how good is that?

However, the fact is always cruel! Cooke promised to allow the removal of built-in pre-installed applications, but now the apps only could be hidden. The so-called delete, just a hidden disguise should be.

According to Craig Federigh, the new system does allow the user to delete the pre-installed application, but this is only deleted, not removed. Federigh stressed that these pre-installed applications are embedded in the iOS system code, the delete operation will not remove the code, so when upgrading the system, these applications will have the function to update.

After all, the so-called uninstall pre-installed program, just a fake function, and cannot really help the user. So, if you really want to uninstall these pre-installed programs to release memory, what can you do?


You can jailbreak your iPhone to achieve this aim, after the jailbreak, you can uninstall the Pre-installed programs as you like. But on the other hand, there is a great risk of Jailbreak, so we have to backup first before the jailbreak for later iPhone data recovery.

Note: If your Apple device cannot start up after jailbreak, here is a guide of iPhone DFU mode for you to restore your iPhone.
On the other hand, you can also manage your iPhone’s app better through some transfer software, to install, uninstalled and backup your app as a batch. Besides, you can also use it to back up other files or transfer data from iphone to iPhone.

Otherwise, we should also learn how to make full use of device’s space, and management of limited space.