How to Save Your Wet iPhone 7 Plus?

How to Save Your Wet iPhone 7 Plus?

Many users like to use iPhone 7 Plus to taking photos. What if it gets wet by careless? Here’s the tips for you to save the wet iPhone 7 Plus.

Have you got an iPhone 7 Plus? If so, you must be attractive with its wonderful dual camera features. But anything unexpected may happen. When you use the bokeh effects to take photos, your iPhone 7 Plus gets wet by dropping into the water, get rusty from raining condition etc. What to do if you met this situation? How to save your favorite iPhone?

Although Apple states that iPhone 7 Plus has the prevention measures of water resistant, which is IP67 rating. We also need to note the ways to save wet phone in case. What’s more, Apple also says that "liquid damage is not covered under warranty."

Here’s the way for you to save wet iPhone 7 Plus.

1.Pick up your iPhone from no matter what body of water as quick as you can to avoid further damage. And find a lint-free and soft towel or cloth to sop up the water on the phone surface. If you can’t find the fit one in short time, you can use your towel or cloth which is near you.

2.Dry the lightning connector by tapping it softly with the facing down. Lightning is a very important way to dry because the liquid will flow into the engine body through it. But don’t try to insert any other object into it.

3.Dry it by air. Put the iPhone in somewhere airflow. Such as, on the open window, near the fan. Leave it to dry at least 5 hours before charging. Please be patient during this time. Waiting for the phone to be dried completely is very important.

4.Recovery data. When start up your phone and find your data lost. Use iPhone Data Recovery to recover data.
Above tips will help you to save your wet iPhone 7 Plus. But it is a wiser thing to prevent it from causing.

How to prevent?

1.Don’t take your iPhone when swimming and be careful when bringing it to somewhere which will make it wet easily. Such as, the place of water skiing, waterboarding, surfing etc.

2.Back up in advance. You can back up it through iTunes or iCloud. In case the data lost, you can use iPhone Data Software to get back it.
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