How to Take 3D Photos With iOS App on iPhone 7 Plus

How to Take 3D Photos With iOS App on iPhone 7 Plus

Taking '3D' photos on iPhone 7 Plus is an awesome thing, here we will show you how to use the camera App ProCam 4 and get the '3D' photos.

The iPhone 7 Plus’s dual lens cameras provide many exciting features for users. Such as, the Bokeh effects of the dual cameras on iPhone 7 Plus. This is a wonderful feature which improve your photos quality. But today, we talk about another feature, that is, how to use dual cameras to take ‘3D’ photos on iPhone 7 Plus.

What is ‘3D’ photos?

3D’ photos mean that the image is present in a 3D way. However, the iPhone 7 Plus has no 3D display. So the ‘3D’ photo is the stereoscopic image which created by moving the images between the right and left quickly. You may think this effect is not good enough, but it shows that the iPhone 7 Plus make effects to extend the use of dual camera to provide users good photos experience. Of course, we should take advantage of this features.

How to Use?

1. you should have ProCam 4, a thirty-party app for taking photos. You can go to iTunes and download one.
after finishing the download and installation of ProCam 4. Launch the App, choose your favorite subject in bright lightning condition, and click the shutter. Here you should note that the distance between subject and camera is at least 2 feet.

2. And you will get two overlapping photos. Here you need to keep pressing one of the photos and drag to the top of the other. When you see the main subject filled with both images, you have finished this step.

3. Then it will pop up the options for you to save the 3D photos. You can choose the GIF, JPEG + GIF or a Video + GIF. Now you can share it on your Facebook or other platforms to get praises from your friends. If you have a large amount of these photos and want an easy way to share. You can also use iPhone transfer to help you.

4. Hope above tips will help you to know how to take the exciting ‘3D’ photos with your iPhone  7 Plus. Don’t worry about the error operation which will cause lost data, because iPhone Data Software will help you to recover it.